Author: Lima 2019 press release Lima, 1 August 2019


Argentina won its debut match at Lima 2019 against Uruguay among grandstands full of high expectations. The legendary player Luis Scola expressed his gratitude for the respect shown by the Peruvian public.

baloncesto argentina

Luis Scola and his teammates had already started playing at the Eduardo Dibós Coliseum; however, hundreds of people were still out in the streets lining up, between Angamos and Aviación Avenues. The two consecutive basketball matches featured Argentina, the favorite to win the gold at Lima 2019, as the main attraction, and the strong team of Dominican Republic as the stellar. The public present in the venue located in the district of San Borja rewarded them with a round of applause, after each impressive point.

Peruvians that attended the match of the “Albicelestes” against Uruguay sympathized with the “charrúa” team that could barely keep up with the star players that compete in European leagues. Gabriel Deck, star player of Real Madrid, was the top scorer, and Scola also made slam dunks that resulted in an overwhelming triumph with a difference of more than 40 points.

“I’m very happy to be in my first Pan American Games, and most importantly I believe that people had a good time. I’m happy that the kids gave me with a round of applause. The idea is to win. If we were able to put on a nice show, as happened in the last quarter, it’s only because of the high-competition level of all players,” pointed out the legendary center Luis Scola.

Nicolás Laprovittola, on the other hand, highlighted the respect shown by the Peruvian public. “We were focused at all times because our main goal is to win the gold at Lima 2019. We also feel close to the people, and if we can put on a show, as we did during the match, then we’ll do it. But our priority is to win,” said the Real Madrid forward.

The competitions will continue tomorrow with the “Albicelestes” facing Dominican Republic at 13:30 on the second match of Group B, which includes Mexico and Uruguay too. There are still tickets available to see the best basketball players on our website: or at the 11 authorized Teleticket points of sale throughout the city.