Author: Lima 2019 press release Lima, 9 August 2019


The kata discipline gave Peru its 27th medal in an unforgettable day. “Winning at home was a personal challenge for me,” said the karateka.

Marcelo Wong

A Peruvian flag was thrown from the stands, and he held close to his chest. Mariano Wong was excited for his victory at Lima 2019. He screamed and celebrated this bronze medal with the spectators of the Villa El Salvador Sports Center

The Peruvian karateka defeated the Mexican Waldo Ramírez in individual kata, collecting the 27th medal for Peru in the medal table. His family, who also rooted for him from the stands, praise his persistence and discipline on the tatami. His sensei Akio Tamashiro hugged him too. 

“I actually didn’t see the score. I just went along with the people’s excitement. At first, I tried to stay calm, but I couldn’t after hugging my family who were on the first row. Winning at home was a personal challenge for me, and I didn’t want to let you down. I’ve given up so many thing to reach the podium at a Pan American Games,” said Mariano Wong. 

It is the first time this karateka, who dreams of claiming the Olympic title, has participated in the Pan American Games. He confessed that the joy he felt by representing his country while playing at home was out of this world: “It was the best competition ever because I had the support of my people at all times. You could hear them clapping and that made me feel so strong. I lost the gold medal, but I couldn’t give up so easily because I was still competing. So, I earned he bronze.”