Author: Lima 2019 press release Lima, 6 August 2019


Peruvian and international fans at the VIDENA Aquatic Center expressed their solidarity with a swimmer, after making a mistake while performing.


With the Aquatic Center of the National Sports Village (Videna) completely packed, the diving competitions in 3 meters men’s trampoline stood out for its exciting pirouettes.

But one fact caught the attention of all Peruvians and foreigners. The American swimmer Michael Hixon won the applause and the heart of  fans from different countries, who were on the grandstands of this sports venue.

How did he do it?  One of his performances had a negative ending, which led the judges to qualify him in a drastic way.  While he was coming out of the water after making a mistake, he received the unanimous applause of the spectators.

With this warm support, Michael was able to recover in the following scores of the six rounds of the competition.

At the end of this session on Sunday, August 4, Michael Hixon ranked eleventh with 358.95 points, but he undoubtedly took the first place in all of the Peruvians’ hearts.