Author: Lima 2019 press release Lima, 23 July 2019

Miraflores Ready for the Marathon Event

Six days before the marathon event, Miraflores is already in #PanAmericanMode and ready to receive the best 36 runners of the Americas in this competition.


Six days before the marathon event, Miraflores is already in #PanAmericanMode and ready to receive the best 36 runners of the Americas in one of the most expected athletics competitions. The marathon event rehearsal was held today and it included the security measures, such as the closure of streets and detours of vehicles, which will be adopted on Saturday 27. 

The Peruvian National Police and the Peruvian Armed Forces, responsible for protecting the marathon route on the day of the competition, deployed their strategic and tactical units along the streets and avenues, while the Transit Department worked on the detours of vehicles along the alternate route indicated previously.    

This recognition race, organized by Peru Runners, was included by the Organizing Committee in the "Lima 2019 Test Events Calendar", which allowed to test how the safety and road plans will be executed on the day of the competition. 

Furthermore, this activity helped to communicate the neighbors about the plan that will be carried out on July 27: the hours they can go out, where they can move around and the emergency routes. However, the most important was to invite them to support our national athletes on the streets as marathon is one of the road sports that will be free of charges, as stated by Gustavo San Martín, the Sports Director of Lima 2019.  

The test was held on Sunday, July 21 from 06:00 and it included the closing of the transversal roads of avenues José Larco, Arequipa, Garcilaso de la Vega to the Paseo de los Héroes Navales, in front of the Palace of Justice. Officers were located along the route to monitor the normal development of this competition that had the facade of the Municipality of Miraflores as starting and finishing point. The Pan American marathon event will be held in the same place. 

Additionally, the Municipality and the Pan American Games personnel handed out leaflets with information that included the road closure map, alternatives routes, pedestrian crossings and vehicle entrance.  

The marathon circuit in the Pan American Games will cover 42.195 kilometers, for both women and men. The women's race starts at 08:30 and the men's event, one hour after. It will start at Av. Larco, near the headquarters of the Municipality of Miraflores, and will travel along Av. Arequipa and Garcilaso de la Vega towards Lima downtown. 

The return will be by the same avenues until arriving at the crossroads between Av. José Pardo and Av. Arequipa, in the Óvalo de Miraflores, to deviate towards the Malecón de la Reserva and the Malecón Cisneros and the Av. Armendáriz and Av. Larco to finish off at Parque Kennedy. The route will cross the districts of Miraflores, San Isidro, Lince and Lima. 

Among the participants are renowned Peruvian athletes such as Gladys Tejeda, Inés Melchor, Cristhian Pacheco, and Willy Canchanya. 


The Lima 2019 Pan American and Parapan American Games Organizing Committee has some recommendations for the spectators that will attend the competitions: 

  • Do not throw objects to the competition track. 

  • Do not water water at the athletes. 

  • Do not interfere with the marathon circuit. 

  • Do not bring pets as they can run way and can burst in the competition. 

  • Respect the closure of roads that will be executed during the competition. 

  • Be tolerant of the implications of the event. 

About Lima 2019 

The Lima 2019 Games Opening Ceremony will be held at the National Stadium of Peru on July 26, 2019. This continental event will gather 6680 athletes from 41 countries and delegations from the Americas. 

There will be 17 days of competitions and ceremonies between July 26 and August 11, which will take place in 14 districts of Lima and Callao at various venues like VIDENA, Villa María Sports Center, Callao Regional Village, Villa El Salvador Sports Center, Punta Rocas, among others. 

The Lima 2019 Pan American Games will include 39 sports and 61 disciplines, in which athletes will compete for gold, silver and bronze medals. A total of 21 disciplines are qualifiers for the Tokyo 2020 Olympic Games.