Author: Lima 2019 press release Lima, 31 July 2019


This is approximately three times the full capacity of the National Stadium.

Personas en Culturaymi

Culturaymi, the cultural program of the Pan American and Parapan American Games, has already received 112 655 people in the first four days since its opening at Parque de la Exposición. The Lima 2019 Communications, Commercial and Marketing Manager, Juan Antonio Silva, mentioned that this is the equivalent of three times the full capacity of the National Stadium. 

“We are really excited for the reaction of the public. In Culturaymi, you can appreciate all that you saw on the Pan American Games Opening Ceremony, which was created to spread the Peruvian cultural and creative richness,” he stated. 

In an interview with a local media, he reminded that entrance to the activities of the Culturaymi program is totally free and all the people who attend will be able to enjoy workshops, exhibitions, panel discussions, theaters, fashion shows, cajon performances, art workshops for social transformation, concerts, among other activities. 

Silva Sologuren invited all the population to assist to Culturaymi starting at 11:00 at Parque de la Exposición. He also mentioned that all the program can be found on the web page: 

“In this program, we all play, the State, the private companies, the embassies and much more,” he added.  

The first stage of Culturaymi will be until August 10 and the second stage, during the Parapan American Games, will be held from August 24 to 31. 

On her part, the Peruvian singer Fabiola de la Cuba congratulated the Lima 2019 organization level, as the Games Opening Ceremony has created a different feeling on the streets. “The feeling on the streets and concerts is now a different one. This has been a gift, a tribute and a demonstration of the strength we have as Peruvians.” 

Peru is beating to the rhythm of the music and the dances. It is a marvelous cultural event that makes us all proud and creates a connection with the culture. “The cultural issue in Peru has not been as respected as it is now, and we are thinking about the future as well,” she stated.  


It has been designed in nine zones throughout the venues, so that everyone can comfortably enjoy each of the scheduled activities. It has two stages, an exhibition and workshop area, a food fair, a giant screen and a ticket booth for sports competitions (Teleticket), thus offering the visitor a comprehensive experience.