Author: Lima 2019 press release Lima, 27 August 2019


Students were privileged spectators and brought joy to the stands thanks to the solidarity tickets delivered through the "Soy Lima 2019" campaign.

Entradas soy lima

Motivation and Effort. Parents and teachers from the Manuel Scorza de Villa María del Triunfo (VMT), Villa Jesús and Fe y Alegría de Villa El Salvador (VES) schools agreed that the delivery of solidarity tickets by the Lima 2019 Organizing Committee is an unprecedented event in our country and helps young students to get closer to the different sports disciplines, but also to Para athletes' perseverance. 

To the rhythm of the Lima 2019 playlist, and with Milco as main choreographer, more than 500 schoolchildren from these two southern districts of Metropolitan Lima supported and cheered on during the wheelchair rugby event held at the Villa El Salvador Sports Center and the Football 5-a-side competition held at the Villa María del Triunfo Sports Center. 

Claudia Narváez, a mother from the Villa Jesús school (VES), highlighted the opportunity that children have to enjoy these top-level competitions and to learn what sports effort is, because they can witness how people with an impairment can overcome any difficulties to practice what they love: sports. 

She also trusted that the excellent sports infrastructure will motivate young people to practice new sports. 

Blanca Esquivel, Science and Technology teacher at Fe y Alegría Nº 17 school, said that it is a great idea to invite students to these competitions, because they learn about new sports and can see the determination and perseverance of the athletes participating in these Parapan American Games. This is crucial for them, because these athletes are a life lesson. 

Thanks to the Soy Lima 2019 campaign, in its second stage, 57 schools in Metropolitan Lima and Callao will benefit from 35,000 free tickets so that primary and secondary school students can enjoy the most important multi-sports event in the Americas.  

Tomorrow, the wheelchair rugby final will be held. 

On August 27 at 12:00, the teams from Canada and the United States will compete for the gold medal. Two hours earlier, Brazil and Colombia will face off for the bronze. Both matches will be held at the Villa El Salvador Sports Center.