Author: Lima 2019 press release Lima, 21 August 2019


The Flame that will illuminate our host City was lit with a “tribute to the earth” at the Temple of Pachacámac, three days before the opening ceremony of the Para sports celebration of the Americas.

Antorcha Parapanamericana

The Parapan American Torch, a symbol representing the spirit of the greatest Para sports celebration of the Americas, was lit at noon at the Temple of Pachacámac, in a traditional ceremony where reconnected with its ancient past.

This activity was a prelude to the Flame relay that will be starting tomorrow on Wednesday, August 21, visiting the most emblematic landmarks of the capital city. Likewise, it was also the official start of the Parapan American Games, whose opening ceremony is scheduled for this Friday 23 at 19:00 at the National Stadium.

The President of the International Paralympic Committee, Andrew Parsons:, who is here specially to attend the Games; the President of the Americas Paralympic Committee, Julie Dussliere; the President of the Lima 2019 Organizing Committee, Carlos Neuhaus; the Mayor of Lima, Jorge Muñoz; the President of the National Paralympic Association of Peru Lucha Villar, district mayors; authorities from Paralympic Committees, as well as the representative of the National Committee for the Integration of People with Impairments (CONADIS), Darío Portillo and the Director of Pachacámac Museum, Denise Pozzi Escot, attended the ceremony.

Carlos Neuhaus pointed out the fulfillment of this milestone to continue the celebration started with the Pan American Games, considered the most successful ones in history. “We are proud to light up this Flame, as we did in Teotihuacán, in Mexico, with the Pan American Torch that arrived in Machu Picchu. This time, we are here in Pachacámac, a place with more than 1500 years of history. What a better choice than doing it here, a ceremonial and religious center. This Torch will go across Lima and will visit emblematic places, such as the huacas. This is a showcase of our culture. That’s why we also want the delegations to live the experience of a lifetime”, said Neuhaus.

In turn, the head of the APC said that “Lima 2019 will be the most modern, diverse and inclusive Games, showing accessibility and with the participation of the best Para athletes of the Americas. The light that is about to be lit will shine in huacas and streets, thanks to 300 people who will represent the values of sports. These Games will be the force uniting all cultures in Peru. I want to thank COPAL for making Lima an accessible city. The legacy of Lima 2019 legacy will start with the lighting of the Torch, which will illuminate the country and the Americas for many years.”

Later, the ceremony with the traditional “tribute to the earth” was held guided by a “ceremonial master”, along with a woman who helped him with the task of handing in offerings to the “gods”. It was a ceremony with traditional music and dances, where the temple witnessed a staging of the three levels of Inca cosmovision: Uku Pacha, Kay Pacha and Hanan Pacha.


Immediately, four ‘celebrities’, the Lima 2019 flag bearer Angélica Espinoza, Peruvian Para taekwondo athlete; the Lima 2019 ambassador Dunia Felices, Para swimming athlete; as well as Iván Reyes and Delicia Paredes, related to the Parapan American sports, represented the four Suyos of the Incan Empire, presenting offerings to the “master”: Kintus of chicha de jora, flowers, corn and coca leaves.

Carlos Neuhaus was in charge of lighting the flame. He received the fire from the “ceremonial master”. The Torch relay started when Para athlete Carlos Felipa, Lima 2019 shot put athlete, had the honor of being the first torchbearer and received the Flame. The relay will start on the Qapaq Ñan route, go across the main streets of Lima, and finish at the National Stadium.

With this ceremony, Lima 2019 aimed to create a festive atmosphere where participants could connect with more than two thousand years of traditions, liturgies and artistic expressions that have defined the Peruvian culture until today. This way, Lima is preparing the right environment to receive the most outstanding Para athletes from the Americas, with the finest of our heritage.

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