Author: Lima 2019 press release Lima, 8 August 2019


The national record was broken, and Peru will compete for the medal tonight.

Relevo 4x100

People’s support during the last relay was essential for Peru to pass their opponents —with some key strokes— and reach the third place in the heat. This entitles Peru to compete at mixed 4x100 freestyle relay final at the VIDENA Aquatic Center.

Jessica Cattaneo, Sebastián Arispe, Mckenna Debever and Ricardo Espinoza placed Peru right behind Brazil and Canada clocking a time of 3.39.76. They set a new national record in mixed 4x100 freestyle relay final for one second.

“I thank all people who are coming to cheer on us, people who have never seen a swimming competition before but they feel identified because they are Peruvians, it’s amazing,” said Jessica.

“We’ve broken the national record, and we’re so happy,” added Sebastián, who set the previous record of 3.40.17 together with Mckenna Debever, Nicholas Magana and Andrea Cedrón in March 2016.

Mckenna Debever, who barely speaks Spanish, was the last in the relay and said: “people’s support, in a stage I really love, was amazing.”  

Finally, Ricardo Espinoza said: “more than qualifying, we wanted to set a new record, and we did it for a second.”

The Peruvian team will try to reach the podium tonight at 10:07 against Bahamas, Argentina, Canada, Brazil, the USA, Mexico, and Venezuela.

Equipo de relevos