Author: Lima 2019 press release Lima, 9 August 2019


The Peruvian team will face the best athletes of this discipline in two tough finals. The team wants to win bronze in basque pelota. In addition, our athletes have high hopes in Karate.


Three days away from the Pan American Games closing ceremony, the Peruvian rowing delegation wants a medal in one of the most competitive aquatic sports of the Lima 2019 Games and find a place at the top of the continent.

Fans going from 09:00 to Albufera Medio Mundo, in Végueta–Huaura, will witness the effort of the Peruvian squad in their search for the gold in men's and women’s lightweight double sculls.

Meanwhile, the Peruvian team also wants to leave its mark in basque pelota, when fighting for bronze in two matches against Argentina, starting at 09:00 at the Villa María del Triunfo Sports Center.

Likewise, Peruvian riders Noé Ben Lamin and Alonso Valdez Prado will compete in an arduous preliminary round against Argentina, Uruguay and Mexico, among others. They will be looking for the gold in individual jumping, one of the most emblematic events of equestrian sports, at the Army Equestrian School.

Judo and Karate, two of the most famous martial arts of the Lima 2019 Games, will decide their medalists at the VIDENA Sports Center 1 and at the Villa El Salvador Sports Center. Peru has high hopes in men’s and women’s kata, where its athletes have good chances to place in the podium.  Juan Postigos and Alonso Wong are Peru's best cards in judo.

On the other hand, starting at 15:05, the National Sports Village will be the stage of athletics gold medal events, such as 10,000 m, 5000 meters, 4x100 m relay, javelin, and others, where the physical endurance of the America’s most outstanding athletes will be tested.

On the other hand, the Aquatic Center of VIDENA will stage an intense session starting at 11:00 and until 22:34, where the greatest swimmers of the Lima 2019 Games will compete for gold in events such as 50 m freestyle , 400 m medley, 4x200 m free relay, etc.

Starting at 11:00 at the BMX cycling competition course at Costa Verde, two spectacular gold medal finals will take place in men’s and women’s racing events. 

At the Lima Convention Center, the greatest fencers of the Lima 2019 Games will battle for the podium, in the different events such as sabre and foil, starting at 09:00.

In women’s football, Argentina will compete face Colombia for the gold.  The bronze medal will be disputed between Paraguay and Costa Rica.  Matches will start at 17:30 at San Marcos stadium.


The most skilled sailors of the Lima 2019 Games will try to conquer the Bahía de Paracas waves to win the gold. The competition will start at 12:00 and will offer a wide range of nautical challenges that will test the boats balance.

Racquetball semifinals will be held at the Callao Regional Sports Village, where teams from Mexico, United States, Argentina, Colombia and Bolivia will compete for the bronze in men’s and women’s categories.

At the Costa Verde, skaters will show their speed and balance on the track, in the 300 m time trial speed skating event, for the gold medal, at 10:00.

Likewise, the best wrestlers of the Americas will compete in the freestyle event, starting at 10:00 at the Miguel Grau Coliseum.

In Hockey, Chile and United States will compete for the bronze medal at 15:00 at the Villa María del Triunfo Sports Center. Later, Argentina and Canada will compete for the gold medal.

Finally, women’s basketball, golf, water polo, softball, table tennis, archery, and women’s volleyball disciplines, the delegations will fight to secure their place in the competition and advance to the final stages.