Author: Lima 2019 press release Lima, 4 August 2019


Anastacia Iamachkine and Sergio Galdós formed the doubles mixed team

Tenis Mixto
Foto: RPP

The night ended at Lawn Tennis with a new medal for Peru, when the doubles team formed by Anastacia Iamachkine and a tireless Sergio Galdós —he had won bronze in men’s doubles one and a half hour before— defeated the athletes the team from Guatemala by 2 sets to 0. 

The Peruvian national team took one hour and seven minutes to add a new bronze award for their country in the official medal table at the Lima 2019 Pan American Games. 

Peruvians supremacy was evident since the start of the match as they showed a better mutual understanding against the team from Guatemala, formed by Andrea Weedon and Wilfredo González. 

The stands were colored in white and red to support the Peruvian team and cheered for them during the whole match. They made waves and their chanting inspired the Peruvian team.  

The first set ended 7-5 in 38 minutes and the second set ended 6-1 and lasted less than half and hour. Iamachkine and Galdós cross-court shots set the pace of this competition from the very and start and until the end.  

With this result, Peru collects 16 medals at the end of the first week of competitions and still wants to win more in the next days.