dunia felices Author: Lima 2019 press release Lima, 18 September 2019


Dunia Felices, Rodrigo Santillán and Harrison Linares were the Peruvian representatives competing in the Para swimming event held this weekend in England.

Dunia Felices, Rodrigo Santillán y Harrison Linares representaron al Perú en el mayor evento de la Para natación que culminó el fin de semana en Inglaterra.

Competing at the highest World Para swimming level was an unforgettable experience for the three Peruvian Para swimmers who traveled to the London World Para Swimming Allianz Championships. Dunia Felices (S5 class), Rodrigo Santillán and Harrison Linares (S2 class) completed their participation at the London Aquatics Center, at the Queen Elizabeth Olympic Park with many useful learned lessons for the future.

Santillán, bronze in Lima 2019, competed first in the 100 m backstroke event and placed ninth in the final qualification. Meanwhile, he was in the reserve list for the 50 m backstroke final since he finished in the fifth position in the qualification heat and obtained one of the best times of the stage. Linares had a time of 2min2088c and placed sixth (behind Santillán) and 11th in the general score board.

Likewise, Dunia Felices participated in the second heat of the 50 m butterfly semifinals. The Lima 2019 bronze medalist placed sixth with a time of 59s73c. With this time, she broke her personal best by several hundredths. This progress allows her to dream with reaching the qualifying mark for Tokyo 2020.

Felices also participated in the 50 m, 100 m and 200 me freestyle events where she placed 14th in the first two events and 15th in the last one. Keeping our best Para athletes competing in this kind of events will allow them to improve for the following Olympic cycles.