Lima 2019; Juegos Panamericanos; Juegos Parapanamericanos; Martín Vizcarra; Sebastián Piñera Author: Lima 2019 press release Lima, 18 October 2019


The Chilean president highlighted the success of the Lima 2019 Pan American and Parapan American Games.

Mandatario chileno destacó la exitosa organización de los Juegos Panamericanos y Parapanamericanos Lima 2019.

During the presidential meeting that took place today between Peruvian and Chilean authorities, President Sebastián Piñera highlighted the success of the Lima 2019 Pan American and Parapan American Games, by pointing out that the organization of the greatest multi-sports event in Peru has set a very high bar for them.

The Chilean president participated in the III Binational Cabinet Peru-Chile alongside President Martín Vizcarra, which took place in Paracas, the city that hosted the sailing competition of the Lima 2019 Games. In this meeting, they discussed economic issues and development projections between both countries. The Chilean president sees this comparison as healthy competition; however, he recalled the pressure his administration has with the organization of the Pan American Games.

“We have a healthy competition this year and we accept it with great enthusiasm. I do want to object because in Chile, as the next hosts of the Pan American Games, they compare everything with what Peru did and you have set a very high bar for us. But what is important as that we have many tasks to accomplish in the future,” said President Piñera to President Martín Vizcarra during his speech at the meeting.

Photo: President of the Republic