Author: Lima 2019 press release Lima, 6 August 2019


Peruvian athletes who wiped out medals last weekend highlighted the sporting infrastructure legacy of Lima 2019.

Conferencia Surf

A successful team, almost a family, with the same purpose. Five outstanding and medal winners representing Peru expressed their satisfaction for their performance at the Lima 2019 Pan American Games and for the legacy that the Surfing High-Performance Center (CAR) at Punta Rocas beach represents for the future generations.

Lucca Mesinas, who won the gold medal in the open surfing competition and qualified for the Tokyo 2020 Olympic Game last Sunday, assured that the new infrastructure will not only be useful for the group that stood out at Lima 2019, but for everyone.

“This is an opportunity to be part of something as big as the CAR Punta Rocas. I think this will give opportunities not only to us, but to all future generations. And it will be something very big that will help this sport.” he added.

On her part, Daniel Rosas, who also won a gold medal in the women's open surfing and got a ticket to next year's Olympics with only 17 years, said that, thanks to these new facilities “future super generations will come and you have to trust them".

Meanwhile, Giannisa Vecco, who missed the podium in Stand Up Paddle (SUP), qualified her teammates who won medals in the Pan American Games as leaders.

“The legacy left by the Surfing High-Performance Center will be incredible, because present and future generations will be able to prepare themselves in an integral way. That's priceless,” she said.

The Lima 2019 Organizing Committee called a press conference at the Lima Convention Center in San Borja. The gold and silver medalists Benoit 'Piccolo' Clemente and Vania Torres, respectively, participated in the longboard and SUP events.


After the Peruvian victories that came in waves, one after the other, the Punta Rocas Surfing CAR will remain as a permanent legacy, becoming a worldwide center of attraction for this sport.

The center will include various training and recreation areas, and a permanent grandstand with fixed seats for 700 people. It is one of the few surfing centers that is in front of the ocean, right where the shoal that creates the waves that athletes try to dominate with their boards is located.

This center was designed so that people from all the surrounding districts could enjoy a free access boardwalk, which unifies Punta Negra, Punta Hermosa and San Bartolo, and will end in a large public plaza. 

The area, which will continue its construction on Wednesday (a large long-term project that was not part of the infrastructure needed for the Lima 2019 competitions), will include a state-of-the-art gymnasium, a 5-meter-deep semi-Olympic swimming pool, designed exclusively for apnea (underwater resistance).

It will also include a skateboard ramp, designed for surfers with cement waves to simulate surfing movements with the skate, and 36 rooms for lodging, where athletes from other provinces will be able to stay, among other useful areas. 

The essential users of the CAR are the members of the Peruvian surfing team, but any citizen who wants to enjoy these spaces will be able to access them. It is important to mention that, as in other Lima 2019 venues, all spaces are accessible.

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