Author: Lima 2019 press release Lima, 12 August 2019


The public respected and fostered the Lima 2019 security measures.

Publico en Marcha

A true sport celebration took place at the Miraflores district where thousands of people went to enjoy the men’s and women’s 50k race walk competition of the Lima 2019 Pan American Games.

Despite the cold weather, 24 athletes⁠—14 men and 10 women⁠—started the competition at 7 o’ clock. The start and finish line were in Av. José Larco, near the Miraflores municipality. Athletes then went up to Calle Tarata, turned and returned on the same street up to Óvalo de Miraflores, they gave 50 laps.

The public arrived early to watch the outdoor competition, which was free of charge, and to cheer up the Peruvian and foreign athletes. By not taking their pets, or throwing bottles or other objects into the circuit, the attendees strictly respected the security measures provided by Lima 2019.

In this way, they proved to be good hosts and to be able to keep a behavior according with the high level of competition developed during the Lima 2019 Pan American Games. They cheered the Peruvian team formed by Yoci Caballero Huamán, Evelyn Inga Huaynalaya and Luis Henry Campos Cruz by chanting “Peru, Peru”.

Even when they tried hard, the Peruvian women were no table to reach the podium and ended in seventh and eight position, respectively. The Peruvian male athlete had to abandon the competition due to fatigue.

Even when this was the first time the female athletes competed in the 50k event, 9 reached the finish line. By contrast, only five men finished the competition. On the women’s side, Ecuadorian Johana Ordoñez won the gold medal, Guatemalan Mirna Ortiz won silver, and Ecuadorian Paola Pérez won bronze.

In the men’s event, Ecuadorian Claudio Villanueva obtained the gold medal, Mexican Horacio Nava and Colombian Diego Pinzon picked up the silver and bronze medals, respectively. The public celebrated and respected all athletes during the competition.

“Women, fight for your dreams”

Kimberly Garcia, silver-medal winner in the Lima 2019 20k race walk competition, was there as a spectator and highlighted the high quality of her teammates, the effort that their training demands and the commitment to represent Peru. “They are good athletes and I hope they do well and improve their times. 50 kilometers are not easy,” she said before the competition started.

To the girls and women who now follow her with more attention, she invoked them to do their utmost to achieve their dreams. “Practice some sports, because it teaches you to be persistent, disciplined, brave, to never give up and to never let anyone treat you as if you were less than them. If you have a dream, fight for it until the end,” she mentioned.


Milco’s dance

All celebrations deserve a dance, and Milco, the mascot of the Lima 2019 Pan American Games, made all the public dance to the catchy Peruvian cumbia “cariñito”. The public sang the song while watching the competition on Av. Larco. Children and families took pictures with Milco, showing him their affection. Thus, the Lima 2019 Pan American Games competitions were brought to an end.