Lima 2019; Juegos Panamericanos; Juegos Parapanamericanos; Lima 2019 Author: Lima 2019 press release Lima, 15 November 2019


Main universities, institutes and various institutions were recognized for their contribution to the Volunteer Program.

Principales universidades, institutos y diversas instituciones recibieron homenaje por su contribución al Programa de Voluntariado.

In honor of their contribution to the successful recruitment and selection of the volunteers who became the heart of the Pan American and Parapan American Games, Lima 2019 held a recognition ceremony for strategic partners of the Volunteer Program.

The Lima 2019 Volunteer Program was a unique and unprecedented experience for Peru that managed to recruit over 100 thousand people from around the world who showed interest to be a part of the most successful Games in the history of the continent.

The ceremony took place at the Athletics Stadium and various schools and education institutions were a part of the process. Carlos Neuhaus, president of Lima 2019, was in charge of awarding and thanking the main universities, institutions and various organizations for their support in the recruitment and selection of Peruvian volunteers.

“We’re very thankful for your cooperation. The volunteers became the soul of the Games. It would have been difficult without them. We had over 100,000 people interested in the program. They helped us in different departments, always with a smile on their face. It was amazing, because they were always ready to help,” stated Carlos Neuhaus during the ceremony.

The head of the Volunteer Program, Ángela Morales, highlighted the support of institutions to achieve the success of the Games. “This was a national celebration because we were able to include actors from the entire country. We managed to be the most successful Volunteer Program in history. We left a social legacy because we trained volunteers that can add to any campaign,” she said.


As part of the campaign to recruit volunteers, around 400 visits were made to municipalities, universities, institutes, schools, federations, public institutions and private companies from the main cities of Peru.

These organizations became strategic partners in recruiting thousands of volunteers. A total of 45 agreements were signed with the main universities and institutions at a national level, like the University of San Marcos, Peruvian University of Applied Sciences, Universidad César Vallejo, Universidad Tecnológica del Perú, Universidad San Ignacio de Loyola, among others.

All these institutions were recognized, as well as others like Universidad Alas Peruanas, Bausate y Mesa, Universidad del Callao, Nacional de Cañete, Autónoma, Universidad Federico Villarreal, José Faustino Sánchez Carrión de Huacho, Científica del Sur, Peruana Unión, Universidad Privada del Norte, Nacional de Cajamarca, UNIFÉ, Cordon Blue, Instituto San Ignacio de Loyola, Frida Holler, Cenfotur and INTECI.


As part of the social legacy, a total of 28,089 people were trained. Approximately 51% of them were trained in the district of Lima. Of the total trainees, 61% were women. Of the total trainees, 13% were considered volunteer leaders. Additionally, 267 people with an impairment were trained in this process.

Training sessions were held in 15 locations around the country: Metropolitan Lima, Huacho, Cañete, Callao, Chiclayo, Trujillo, Cajamarca, Huancayo, Tacna, Arequipa, Cusco, Tarapoto, Ica, Paracas and Pisco, with the technical support of the United Nations. People aged 16 to 18 participated in this process.

A total of 1812 foreigners were interviewed to be volunteers. Among the foreign applicants interviewed, 34% were from Argentina, Colombia, Brazil and Mexico.

AT LIMA 2019

Lima 2019 stood out for their kindness, joy, proactivity and teamwork. They were recognized by Panam Sports, APC, athletes, Para athletes and the general public.

Pan American and Parapan American Games volunteers participated in the accreditation, departures and arrivals, transportation, medical and veterinary services, anti-doping, spectator services, press operations, protocol, award ceremonies, sports, technology, uniforms, workforce, venue management, Village services, accommodation, culture, ceremonies, committee services and language services departments.

For participating in the Lima 2019 Games, volunteers received uniforms, accreditation, food, transportation, accident insurance, a national and international network of contacts and special limited edition gifts, as well as the opportunity to live a unique experience.


11,311 volunteers participated in the Pan American Games; 114 of them had a type of impairment. 61% of volunteers were women. 

376 minors participated in the Games. There were 8669 people between the ages of 18 and 30, and 2266 were over 31. 

Most of the volunteers were from Lima: 9402; from outside the capital: 1395; and from abroad: 514.

A total of 5555 volunteers participated in the Parapan American; 4,846 were from Lima; 607 were from outside of Lima; 102 were from abroad. In addition, 79 people with an impairment were volunteers during the Games.


Lima 2019 leaves a social legacy related to the volunteer service in the country and to the creation of a volunteer culture for current and new generations.

Sixty percent of first-time trainees ended up being volunteers.

Lima 2019 volunteers are part of a community that is well-informed, trained and has experience at a national level who are ready to continue serving their country.

The Lima 2019 volunteers became ambassadors of our culture and traditions, with a sense of citizenship and diversity, as well as a greater proximity to sports, to achieve development.