Author: Lima 2019 press release Lima, 4 August 2019


Of the six finals to be held tomorrow in Punta Rocas, four Peruvians will seek the gold and silver medals, and two will compete in the repechage.


The hours prior to the historic day for the Peruvian surfing team will be endless. Tomorrow Sunday, August 4, six of the Peruvian representatives will try to stand on the highest step of the podium. Surfing’s debut has been taking place at Punta Rocas beach.  

Four of them, Benoit Clemente (longboard), Vania Torres (surf SUP), Daniella Rosas, and Luca Mesinas (surf open) secured their spots in the final. Also, the last two competitors will try to obtain quotas for the Tokyo 2020 Olympic Games. 

Competitions will start from 9:00 with the repechage for the bronze medal, in which two members of the Team Peru will try to get into the finals. The first to go into the sea will be Tamil Martino in SUP competition, followed by María Fernanda Reyes in women’s longboard. If they move to the finals, the Peruvian team will seek the gold medal; otherwise, they will pick up the bronze. 

With these achievements, Peru solidifies themselves as top surfing contenders in the Pan American Games, after seven surfers compete for medals (with Itzel Delgado’s bronze medal). Punta Rocas beach is highly related to Peruvian surf, since that year when Felipe Pomar ruled its waves and won the 1965 Surf World Championships for the first time.