Author: Lima 2019 press release Lima, 8 August 2019


The American swimmer praised the organization of the Pan American Games.


It was his first time at Lima 2019 and he was one of the most cheered athletes. Award-winning American swimmer Nathan Adrian jumped into the pool of the newly-built VIDENA Aquatic center to compete in the 4x100m relay; however, he only managed to win the silver medal.  

“I’m happy because water means home to me, and I think that, no matter the result, it’s a good beginning for Team USA,” Adrian said after the medal ceremony.  

Lima 2019 are Adrian's first Pan American Games, which he regards as a really good experience. “You have the Village experience, other sports, the dining hall and that’s as close as you can get to the Olympic Games.”  

“There are things in life more important than winning medals and, when you are into sports, you learn to overcome the losses and adversities,” said Adrian, who was diagnosed with a serious disease last December .  

With the medal and his cuchimilco in hand, Adrian could not stop smiling and praising the souvenir. “I really love it, this guy looks very nice, it’s special.”  “I like Lima, everything has been really cool,” Adrian said about the Games organization. 

Nathan Adrian will compete in men's 50m and 100m freestyle. He will also take part in men’s 4x200m freestyle relay with Michael Chadwick, Grant House and Drew Kibler, and mixed 4x100m medley freestyle relay with Michael Chadwick, Anne Lazor and Kendyl Stewart. He will also compete in men’s 4x100m medley relay with Daniel Carr, Matthew Josa and Cody Miller, as well as mixed 4x100m medley relay. 

Foto: Marca

Foto: Marca