Author: Lima 2019 press release Lima, 4 August 2019


After the repechage stage, the Peruvian athlete placed second.

Tamil Martino

Peru added its 19th medal thanks to the surf competition. Peruvian athlete Tamil Martino won silver in men’s SUP surfing.

The Peruvian athlete had a great performance as he qualified early in the morning to the final at the repechage stage. Later, in the final for the gold medal, Martino had a tough competition against Colombian Giorgio Gómez, who finally took the gold home.

With this medal won by Tamil Martino, Peru collects its fifth silver. Other silvers were conquered by Marcela Castillo and Hugo del Castillo in taekwondo, Kimberly García in race walk, and Vania Torres in surf. Peru has collected 19 medals so far during Lima 2019, and historical mark for the country in the Pan American Games


Tamil Martino said that he was always in contact with the sea, and surfing has been a part of his life since he was 11, when he received his first board. “Those were my beginnings,” he said.

He mentioned his uncle Alonso, who was surfer, was the one that inspired him and that he taught him the first secret of this sport.