Author: Lima 2019 press release Lima, 29 July 2019


Fabiola de la Cuba estuvo en el cierre de la jornada, en medio de un despliegue de luz, sonido y color.


The celebration of Peru’s independence day did not go unnoticed during the second day of Culturaymi. Families poured in to tour the facilities and spent the day surrounded by excitement and relaxation. The Parque de la Exposición was jam packed with thousands of visitors who enjoyed each one of the amenities, savored the food in the gastronomy zone, shared their patriotic wishes on a mural and proudly sang along to the songs of the schedules artists, this unforgettable July 28.

The excitement and celebration came hand in hand. Morisco, Los Mensajeros de la Selva, Ezequiel, Teresa Fuller Granda—daughter of renowned composer, Chabuca Granda—, Manuelcha Prado, Tunantada Adex and Bartola performed on stage. They dazzled the crowd and made it clear that the best part of participating in Culturaymi was their connection with the audience.

The same can be said for the Fun Fest stage. The audience was moved by the dance in homage to the Señor de los Milagros, followed by Hermanos Chávez and their acrobatic dances with scissors and, finally, Los Cholos. But there was still more to come. Lucho Quequezana, the one-man orchestra (literally) and creator of the popular Pan American Games Opening Ceremony playlist, also took the stage. 

Fabiola de la Cuba closed the night with her new show “Tuttay Quilla,” a review of the folklore of a global Peru, with magical singing and graceful dancing. All these performers were at Fun Fest, amid a magnificent display of light, sound and color. 

Thanks to the impeccable production of Culturaymi, talented artists received applause for each of their performances and reaffirmed their patriotism on the imposing stage.

TODAY, Monday, July 29
Parque de la Exposición (Av. 28 de Julio and Garcilaso de la Vega)

18:20  Fray Masías
19:10  Rosa Guzmán
20:45  Kanaku y el Tigre
21:30  La Mente

17:15 Victoria Villalobos
18:35 Tayta Edbird
19:55 Perú Salvaje
21:15 Chintata

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