Author: Lima 2019 press release Lima, 23 September 2019


Las Palmas Shooting Range welcomes the Ibero-American Shotgun Championships.

Polígono de Las Palmas recibe el Campeonato Iberoamericano de Escopeta

Lima 2019 allowed the construction and remodeling of a modern sports infrastructure, which has remained as a legacy for future national and international competitions, as well as for the preparation of athletes.

Starting tomorrow, Las Palmas Shooting Range in Surco, one of the new venues delivered for Lima 2019 for shooting and Para shooting events, will host the 6th Ibero-American Shotgun Championships in skeet and trap modalities, which will count on the participation of 40 shooters from Mexico, Chile, Colombia, Guatemala and Brazil, as well as national representatives.

Giorgio Mautino, Lima 2019 spokesperson, said that this event demonstrates that these venues are fully operational and in the best conditions, as they were during the Pan American and Parapan American Games.

“The days after the Games are as important as the Games themselves. The infrastructure will be required by many countries and that will allow a continuity of events. We are regularizing everything related to the delivery of the venues and we hope that the use will be spectacular.” “The Pan American and Parapan American Games have left a legacy in terms of sports culture, because many people have seen opportunities in many sport disciplines,” said Mautino.

Francisco Boza, Olympic medalist in Los Angeles 1984, also addressed the importance of using the sports infrastructure. “Let it be the beginning of great international events, so that people can take advantage of this Shooting Range, which is one of the best in the world.” He also added that “this venue is complete, as all three weapons can be used. Peru needed this sports infrastructure, we are now reaching international standards.”

For his part, Nicolás Pacheco—Pan American medalist and qualified for the Tokyo 2020 Olympics—who will be participating in this international event, mentioned that “for me, this Shooting Range is one of the best in the world and a dream come true. We will be able to hold first-class championships. Also, a venue like this will allow me to improve my record and achieve my dream of claiming an Olympic medal for my country.” 


Simultaneously, VIDENA will be stage of the 27th National School Sports Games until September 27, with the participation of 2600 students from 24 regions. One of the first venues to be used was the modern Aquatic Center, one of the best in the continent, where 13-year-old Alexia Sotomayor—who was part of the Peruvian Pan American delegation—showcased her skills after winning three gold medals in the 50 m freestyle, 50 m backstroke and relay events.

At VIDENA, students from all over the country also compete in the new Athletics Stadium, under the same conditions offered to the top athletes and Para athletes who participated at the Pan American and Parapan American Games.


Meanwhile, the National Hockey Championship will be inaugurated this Sunday in the two hockey pitches built at the Villa María del Triunfo Sports Center, which will reopen its doors for this competition. Admission will be free.

This will be an unprecedented event, as this is the first time a tournament of this discipline will be held in the country; a clear example of the Lima 2019 legacy. A total of nine teams will participate: four in women’s and five in men’s. The teams in women’s will be: San Silvestre Sport, Colegio Mater Admirábilis, OMA and Lima Cricket. The teams in men’s will be: OMA, Lions, Libardoni, Lima Cricket and Santa María Sport.

Competitions will start this Sunday 22 at 09:00 in the Villa Maria’s main pitch, with the matches between San Silvestre Sport vs. Mater Admirábilis (women’s); OMA vs. Lima Cricket (men’s) and Lima Cricket vs. OMA (women’s). Pitch 2 will host the match between Santa María Sport vs. Lions (men’s) starting at 12:00.

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