Estadio Atlético; Juegos Panamericanos; Lima 2019 Author: Lima 2019 press release Lima, 14 November 2019


Students from the top schools competed on a world-class stage.

Alumnos de los principales centros de estudios compitieron en escenario de nivel mundial.

VIDENA’s Athletics Stadium was packed with the excitement and joy of enthusiastic students once more, since they competed at this venue which was described as one of the best in the continent and was built for the Lima 2019 Pan American and Parapan American Games.

Students belonging to the Public School Association of Cultural Associations (ADCA) participated in the traditional athletics competition for juniors and teenagers.

The students had the chance to compete on the official track of VIDENA’s Athletics Stadium for various 400- and 800-meter speed, hurdle and distance events, as well as high jump, long jump and throwing events. The National School Sports Games and the U-18 National Championship were previously held at this venue.

Students from the following schools had the chance to compete on a world-class stage: Peruano Norteamericano Abraham Lincoln, Peruano Alemán Alexander Von Humboldt, Colegio América del Callao, Colegio Italiano Antonio Raimondi, Colegio Augusto Weberbauer, Franco Peruano, Franklin Roosevelt, Colegio Hiram Bingham, Colegio La Unión, Markham College, Newton College, Colegio Pestalozzi, Colegio San Andrés and San Silvestre School.