Author: Lima 2019 press release Lima, 10 August 2019


Mijaín López, one of the best athletes in Cuban history, stated that he was impressed by the Peruvian culture and urged wrestler Thalia Mallqui to be an example for new generations who follow this sport.


Cuban wrestler Mijaín López, a living and reigning glory of his country, made history at Lima 2019 by winning his fifth consecutive Pan American Games gold medal after his victories in Santo Domingo 2003, Rio 2007, Guadalajara 2011 and Toronto 2015.

López, who is the flag bearer of the Cuban delegation and the most awarded athlete in his country, arrived in Peru with three Olympic and five world titles in the Greco-Roman wrestling, in which he became a legend. His participation in Lima 2019 closed his brilliant career in the Pan American Games, where he won everything. The Cuban athlete won the 130 kg competition at Lima 2019. The heaviest weight class in this discipline.

“I will remember this last Pan American medal as a very nice and easy feat, because I had never been in Peru before and I feel very happy to hear and learn about its rich culture. I will remember it forever. Now I will be aiming for a fourth title in the Olympic Games to finish my career,” pointed out the Cuban athlete.

Mijaín Lopez stated that his stay in Lima gave him the possibility of sharing with Peruvians, and take to his country the gold medal obtained in the competition, held at the Miguel Grau Coliseum, and the sculpture of Cuchimilco, which represents the Chancay culture.

“I will remember this Peruvian sculpture every day, because I have felt well taken care of by Peru and very happy as well. “I am taking home a piece of the Peruvian culture and I will remember it forever,” said the Cuban wrestler after mentioning that he has many memories of the country that organized the Lima 2019 Pan American Games.

He stated that he was impressed by the Peruvian culture during his participation at Lima 2019. He also highlighted as achievements of the Organizing Committee the discipline and security during the Pan American Games. "They have made a proper organization and that is noteworthy. In addition, Peruvians are going to have top-level venues to encourage the practice of sports,” said the Cuban, one of the main stars who arrived to compete in Lima 2019.


Mijaín López said that this medal represents something huge for him, because it is his fifth Pan American medal, which represents the efforts that he has made throughout these years to achieve this goal.

The Cuban athlete recommended young Peruvians to continue fighting and doing things well. Therefore, he gave as an example the bronze medal in women's wrestling obtained by Thalía Mallqui.

“I congratulate a great Peruvian athlete (referring to Thalía Mallqui) because she managed to make her way by winning a bronze medal where there is a high level in wrestling with countries such as Cuba, United States and Canada. I can only encourage her to share that confidence with the next girls' generation. I hope that she maintains that energy and desire so that athletes can continue to get good results and bring joy to all Peruvians," he added.