Author: Lima 2019 press release Lima, 12 August 2019


Judoka earned a medal and moved the VIDENA.


Two weeks ago, she did not have the ID that certified her Peruvian citizenship so she was unable to be part of the judo national team. Nevertheless, the paperwork was fast tracked and Yuliana Bolívar was able to obtain her citizenship and participate in the Pan American Games.

Born in Venezuela and having represented her home country in ODESUR, she decided to apply for Peruvian citizenship and, today, she claimed the bronze medal for Peru in the +78 kg category.

“It’s bronze but it feels like gold. I’m so grateful and this is the beginning of many accomplishments. I’m proud to represent Peru, because many people worked to get this medal,” claimed Yuliana.

It was a tough match. Her rival, Kina Cutro-Kelly from the US, was a difficult obstacle. When the judge penalized her for a third time, Yuliana cried and covered her face with emotion. “I couldn’t believe it because I worked so hard and I left many things behind; the medal is very valuable,” she stated.

The VIDENA Sport Center 1 filled with applause and it became a special moment.  “Feeling the celebration from the Peruvian audience that has adopted me is very special to me, because neither my parents nor my family are here,” mentioned Yuliana.

“I did not expect to feel so much support, I feel happy. When I received the medal, I cried again because I saw people screaming my name, and it’s very special to see Peruvians and Venezuelans united in supporting an achievement for Peru,” she added.

But this does not end here; this is the first step for Yuliana. “To achieve your dreams you need to be convinced of what you want and right now my mind is focused on Tokyo, God willing,” concluded the medalist.