Let’s remember the celebration! Creole music was also present at Lima 2019

Let’s remember the celebration! Creole music was also present at Lima 2019

Let’s remember how Creole music was present at Lima 2019, on this Day of the Creole Song.

Lima 2019 was more than just a sports celebration. Thanks to its amazing ceremonies and broad cultural program, Lima 2019 was also a celebration of Peruvian culture for the world. The audience enjoyed dozens of varied cultural, artistic and musical events that allowed Peru to show off its vast culture in front of national and foreign visitors.

Of course, no tribute to Peruvian art would be complete without including one of the most famous Peruvian musical genres: creole music. Lima 2019 celebrated this historic Peruvian musical style with its diverse events and musical and cultural presentations.


Fireworks show at the National Stadium for the Lima 2019 Opening Ceremony.


At the Opening Ceremony of the Lima 2019 Pan American Games, on July 26, 2019, the audience enjoyed a wide array of artistic and musical shows. The delegations of each country of the Americas walked to the sound of the Peruvian cajon during this ceremony, proud to represent their countries in the most important sports celebration of the continent.


Musicians playing the Peruvian cajón at the Lima 2019 Opening Ceremony.


One of the most memorable performances was, without a doubt, the tribute to renowned creole music composer Chabuca Granda by Juan Diego Flórez.

The world famous artist delighted the crowd and sang some of Chabuca’s most iconic songs, accompanied by a projection of her singing along with him in real time. Thanks to technology, Juan Diego Flórez was able to share the stage with the talented singer who passed away over 30 years ago, and the public enjoyed an unforgettable performance.


Juan Diego Flórez at the Lima 2019 Opening Ceremony.


Creole music was also present at Culturaymi, the Lima 2019 cultural program. One of the more memorable events was the XII International Cajon and Percussion Festival, which took place in Parque de la Exposición. A large group of musicians played the cajon together in what is traditionally a “cajoneada,” alongside Milco, the Lima 2019 mascot. The public learned about different types of Peruvian music in an evening the combined music and culture.


Milco playing the Peruvian cajon at Culturaymi.


Culturaymi had historic attendance during the 38 days it lasted, and allowed to showcase the richness and diversity of Peru’s culture to Peruvian audiences. Let’s continue celebration our culture and creativity on this Day of the Creole Song!

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