Author: Lima 2019 press release Lima, 4 August 2019


Fans highlighted the effort of the Peruvian athlete who fought to the end against Colombian Sandra Arenas. “I thank Peru for so much affection,” she said.

Kimberly García

Only 57 seconds separated the Peruvian Kimberly García from the top of the podium; however, the silver medal is the reward for the athlete from Huancayo after all her effort. Peru has three silver medals in athletics competitions and a total of 17. It’s something historic for sports in Peru.

People cheered her on during the 20 km race. She kept pace with Sandra Arenas (gold), but the Colombian took the lead in the final kilometers, and it was difficult for the Peruvian to reach her.

Arenas clocked a time of 1:28:03 and set a new Pan American record. This shows the high level of the competitors, who did not give up until they reached the finish line at Parque Kennedy. The bronze was awarded to the Brazilian Erica Sena, who was also sanctioned for breaking some of the rules in the event.

“It’s the first time that I have won a medal in the Pan American Games and it was amazing to receive the affection from our people. People’s support in the streets was essential because it helped me not to fail and make a good mark (1:29:00). Now, I only hope to be at 100% at the Tokyo Olympic Games,” added the athlete.

Likewise, champion Arenas pointed out that she only focused on the competition, in spite of the adverse weather conditions. “It’s historic for race walking in Peru because Peruvians had never won gold in the Pan American Games, and even achieved a Pan American record in this competition. I had worked very hard with my coaches and the department of psychology to make this possible and we did it,” said the Colombian.

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