Author: Lima 2019 press release Lima, 29 July 2019


The Organizing Committee celebrated gold medals earned by Peruvians Gladys Tejeda, Cristhian Pacheco, and Diego Elías.


It has been a historic day for Peru, as marathon runners Gladys Tejeda and Cristhian Pacheco and squash player Diego Elías secured the first gold medals.

These were the words of the Lima 2019 spokesperson, Carlos Manuel Lazarte, who described the happy moment he experienced after Cristhian Pacheco crossed the finish line in the district of Miraflores.

Diego Elías took revenge because he beat the Toronto 2015 squash champion. And he is still competing in doubles,” Lazarte stated during the fifth press conference that he held since the Games started.

Later, the Games spokesperson said the Lima 2019 Organizing Committee keeps calm and does not want to get carried away over the Peruvian delegation performance in the continental event. “Having medals is the best start. They are our heroes,” Lazarte added.


More than 250 thousand tickets for the ceremonies and competitions of the Lima 2019 Pan American Games have been sold. Carlos Manual Lazarte also encouraged people to buy the available tickets for the closing ceremony and the preliminary events.

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In addition, you can get your tickets in the ticket booths at Jockey Plaza shopping center in Santiago de Surco or in the 10 points of sale at the Metro and Wong supermarkets in the districts of Chorrillos, Independencia, La Molina, Lima, Miraflores, San Borja, San Isidro, San Juan de Miraflores, San Miguel, and Surco.