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The Para badminton final held at the Sports Center 2 of the VIDENA was both epic and exciting! Raúl Anguiano achieved a milestone in the history of the Guatemalan Para sport, by claiming their first medal in the Parapan American Games.

On Friday Anguiano has already given a reason to celebrate to the Guatemalan people as he qualified to the finals and took a medal in the individual SL4 category. In the final, he dismissed 2-0 Oliveira, with partials of 21- 16 and 21-12, and could not hide his excitement for this victory and dedicated it to his family.

“It’s amazing. It’s a blessing. Winning a medal is both a huge honor and responsibility because when you are an athlete, you become a public figure,” said the current Parapan American champion.

They already knew each other, and the statistics were on the Guatemalan’s favor, which eventually reflected in the match result. “It’s the fifth time we face each other, and he’s improved a lot. He’s very talented, but I was more relaxed. I’m sure he’ll be a great champion too,” he stressed while his delegation friends cheered on him, just like they did during the match.

“Playing in an environment like this was very important for me. I had never had so much support. It’s exciting to listen to your friends from other sports, technical teams and managers encouraging you. This victory is not only mine; it’s also theirs because they were an essential part of the match,” he added.

Anguiano started playing when he was 10. He used to play conventional badminton until he discovered Para badminton and was considered the world’s number 1 at some point. At age 44, he arrived at Lima 2019 as flag bearer of his delegation and praised the growth of Para badminton in Peru. Meanwhile, Team Peru hopes to reach the top of the podium in Para badminton with Pedro Pablo de Vinatea

“I was the first player of this sport in our region. That’s how I met my friend Pedro Pablo de Vinatea. I’m happy to see Para badminton has grown a lot in Peru, and I’d like it to grow more in my country too, just like it’s happening here,” he concluded.



The Para athlete had previously obtained one victory and two losses. Therefore, the Peruvian Para badminton player Jesús Salvá knew that this was his chance to claim the bronze medal in the SS6 category, and he did not blow it.

In a tight match filled with emotions at the Sports Center 3 of the National Sports Village (VIDENA), located in the San Luis district, the Peruvian beat the Canadian Wyatt Lightfoot by 21-14, 14-21 and 21-9 after a 40-minute game.

Salvá even had to recover from a hit in his arm, but the crowd’s support got him to finish off the game. After his victory, he told Lima 2019 he was thrilled with his victory. He considered it a rematch since he had already faced Lightfoot in the quarterfinals of the last Pan Am Para Badminton Championships. “I did it,” stressed the Para athlete, letting go of all the emotion he had kept inside.

“There’s always the pressure that the victory may slip away (from your hands), but luckily I managed to get overcome this feeling and I won,” added Jesús, when talking about the sensations that he went through when his opponent evened the game 1-1.


He also looked happy and grateful for the support he received from the fans during this decisive match and pointed out that he needs to train hard to obtain a ticket to the Tokyo 2020 Paralympic Games.

“I want to be there, and I will be there,” concluded Jesús, another outstanding Peruvian Para athlete who added one more medal for Peru in the medal table of the Lima 2019 Parapan American Games.

On the other side, early on in the morning, our compatriot Pablo Cueto put in his best effort to claim the bronze medal in the SL4 category, with the support of the best fanbase in the world, who did not stop cheering on him from the stands of the Sports Center 3 at the VIDENA and chanting “Peru, Peru, Peru”. Unfortunately, he ended up losing 21-6 and 21-4 after a 17-minute game. 



The Peruvian Para badminton delegation, represented by Pedro Pablo de Vinatea, seeks the gold medal on the penultimate day of competition against the Brazilian Leonardo Zuffo at the Lima 2019 Parapan American Games.

People who want to enjoy the Lima 2019 Ambassador’s performance against the Brazilian Zuffo, must attend the Sports Center 3 of the National Sports Village (VIDENA) at 15:00. Also, from 9:00, Peruvians Jesús Salvá and Pablo Cueto will compete for the bronze against their Canadian counterparts.

There will also be other competitions; the final of wheelchair basketball between the United States and Canada will take place in the VIDENA Sports Center 1 at 17:00. Colombia and Argentina will compete for the bronze at 14:30 in men’s competition.

The final of football 7-a-side between Argentina and Brazil will take place in the Villa María del Triunfo Sports Center at 12:00. United States and Venezuela will compete for the bronze medal at 09:00.

The finals of goalball between United States and Brazil, in men’s and women’s category, will be held in the Miguel Grau Coliseum at 16:30.

Para swimming finals in 50m backstroke, 4x100m relay, 200m individual medley, among other categories, will take place in the VIDENA Aquatic Center at 09:00. The Peruvian Rodrigo Santillán will be one of the competitors.

The most outstanding Para weightlifters of the Americas will compete in the finals of 88 kg, 97 kg, 61 kg, -107 kg, +107 kg and -80 kg categories at the VIDENA Sports Center 1.

Likewise, the second day of Para taekwondo will take place starting at 09:00 and the qualified Para athletes will compete for the gold, silver and bronze medals in the K44 -75 kg, K44 +75 kg, among other categories in the final stretch of the second session, which starts at 15:00. Peruvians José Navarro and Shiroy Rentería will compete for the medals.

Finally, boccia competitions will also take place; gold medals will be defined in the individual BC4, BC3, among other categories during the first session.




He always had a solid dream: to see a venue crowded with fans supporting the Peruvian athletes and Lima 2019 gave him the chance to make it possible. “Para badminton for everybody” was his ideal years ago and he saw it at the VIDENA Sports Center 2 this afternoon. On the court 1, he qualified to the final in the SL3 class (Para athletes with little balance), while his partner Pilar Jáuregui also took the victory.

The Lima 2019 Ambassador had to push himself to the limit to defeat the Cuban Rolando Bello in two sets (21-14 and 21-15), in a match of highest physical effort that lasted more than 43 minutes. At the end of the match, De Vinatea asked for a round of applause for his opponent, who has been competing with him for several years in the professional circuit.

“I’m very proud to see this audience enjoying Para badminton, which is one of the first sports that evolved strongly in Peru. That’s why we’ve come to Lima 2019 with 5 years of preparation and seasoned players who reach the final stages. The support received before is now yielding results,” he said.

Pedro Pablo will compete for the gold medal against the winner of the match between Brazilian Leonardo Zuffo and Canadian William Roussy. At 15 and 21 years old, respectively, both are the new best Para badminton players in the Americas, with medals in Pan American tournaments. The competition is tomorrow at 15:00.

“I’ll face the final with the same mentality: so focused, without pressure, and fighting point by point, countering the strengths of my opponent. Surely, there will be a similar environment and with the people’s support we will try to win the gold medal,” added the Lima 2019 Ambassador.




The Peruvian Para badminton athlete and Lima 2019 Ambassador, Pilar Jáuregui, qualified to the women’s finals for the WH2 category, after beating the Cuban Maydelin Soriano 21-0 and 21-1.

This morning Pilar Jáuregui had already defeated the same opponent during Group A preliminary rounds, 21-1 and 21-7, after only 17 minutes. The Peruvian Para athlete said in an interview with Lima 2019 that after semifinals, she has taken another step towards winning the gold medal in Peru.

“I am very excited because my family and friends were here, along with ‘La Blanquirroja’ at every game. I am so thankful because they play an important part in pressuring the opponent,” she said.


“La Blanquirroja” and many fans came together to the Sports Center 3 of the National Sports Village (VIDENA) in San Luis to cheer loudly for the different Peruvian athletes competing that day.

This is the case of Héctor Salvá, who never stopped receiving cheers from the stands, despite losing to Brazil’s Tavares during preliminary and semifinal rounds.  The same happened before with the Peruvian pair, Robert Fajardo and Ronald Miranda, who gave their all, but lost to the Brazilian pair, Cano and Soares, 21-8 and 21-13 in favor of Brazil.

Something similar happened to our Peruvian Alberto Cadenillas, who also lost to Brazil’s Cavali (21-10 and 21-4). Finally, Pablo Cueto and Jenny Ventocilla in mixed doubles lost to Brazil’s Almeida and Rosso, with scores of 21-19 and 21-18, in a 32-minute game.




Para badminton is a sport with a great participation of the Peruvian delegation in Lima 2019 Parapan American Games, because two Peruvian badminton players qualified to the semifinals in their respective categories.

This is the case of Pedro Pablo de Vinatea and Pilar Jauregui, who passed undefeated to this decisive stage of the competition in categories SL3 and WH2, respectively.  De Vinatea beat Cuban Rolando Bello in 36 minutes by 21-11 and 21-13 and will look to qualify to the final when he faces him again at 15:00.

Jauregui beat also Cuban Maydelin Soriano, in group A, with a score of 21-1 and 21-7 in just 17 minutes.  Now, she will seek to beat Soriano again.


The Peruvian fanbase “La Blanquirroja” and many fans who gathered at the Sports Center 3 of the National Sports Village (VIDENA) in San Luis and cheered for the different Peruvian representatives playing today.

Héctor Salva despite losing to Brazilian Tavares by 21-7 and 21-6, never stopped receiving signs of support from the stands. The same thing happened with the Peruvian couple formed by Robert Fajardo and Ronald Miranda, who, after a great match, lost to the Brazilian duo formed by Cano and Soares 21-8 and 21-13.

The same happened to Peruvian Alberto Cadenillas, who lost to the Brazilian Cavalli (21-10 and 21-4). Pablo Cueto and Jenny Ventocilla in doubles faced up to the situation and fought until the end against Almeida and Rosso of Brazil. The game was very even, however, the Peruvian couple lost by (21-9 and 21-18).



They are Para athletes, examples of self-improvement, and share the responsibility of being Lima 2019 Ambassadors. Their mission is to promote sports, Olympic and Paralympic values.

Dunia Felices, Pedro Pablo de Vinatea, Israel Hilario and Pilar Jáuregui embody the Pan American and Parapan American Games values, such as excellency, friendship, respect, courage, determination, equality and inspiration. 

The four ambassadors continue filling us with emotion and today they will be participating in their disciplines and earning more victories for Peru. Dunia Felices will compete today in 200 m freestyle at the Aquatic Center of the National Sports Village (VIDENA). Pedro Pablo de Vinatea and Pilar Jáuregui will continue competing in Para badminton, collecting more medals for Peru; while Israel Hilario took the victory in Para cycling road today in the Costa Verde beach circuit.

The Organizing Committee of the Lima 2019 Pan American and Parapan American Games (COPAL) developed the Ambassadors Program to promote the sports, Olympic and/or Paralympic values through outstanding athletes and Para athletes and different communication platforms.

But, who are these outstanding athletes? Get to know them a little more:

Dunia Felices

Dunia Felices was appointed as Lima 2019 Ambassador because she is the best example of a hard-working athlete. She never gave up and, thanks to that, has achieved all her objectives since the beginning of her sports career.

The Peruvian Para swimmer won the silver medal in August 2017 at the Medellin Para Swimming Open in Colombia.  Dunia, who was born in Sarhua, Ayacucho, set a time of 1.44.39 in 50 meters butterfly.

She also claimed three gold medals at the Barranquilla 2018 Paralympic Open in 50 m and 100 m freestyle, and 50 m butterfly.

At the Lima 2019 Parapan American Games, she won a bronze medal thanks to her outstanding participation in the women's 50 m butterfly final round, category S5 (S1-S4).

Pedro Pablo de Vinatea

This Lima 2019 Ambassador is a good example of dedication and strength. Badminton has always been his passion: after losing one of his lower extremities, he continued practicing this sport until he became an excellent athlete.

Pedro Pablo worked hard and won the gold medal at the 2014 II Athletics & Swimming Open Championships held in Medellin in 2014 (Colombia).

The Peruvian Pedro Pablo de Vinatea made a great debut at the Lima 2019 Parapan American Games, after beating 2-0 Brazilian Roso in the Para badminton competition.

Israel Hilario

Israel is a great Peruvian Para cyclist, whose goal was always to keep going and break down barriers. It is an example of life. After losing his leg in a motorcycle accident, he decided to continue pursuing his goals.

Hilario claimed the Para cycling world title and was crowned as the best cyclist at the World Cup, both events organized by the Union Cycliste Internationale (UCI), the highest cycling organization in the world.

His last competition was at the Rio 2016 Paralympic Games, where he carried the Peruvian flag. In this event, he placed sixth.

Pilar Jáuregui

For Pilar, there were never any limits. She tried out different sports such as volleyball, surfing, basketball, tennis and badminton until she was 14 when she was affected by an illness.

Since that moment, everything changed for the better because badminton allowed her to bring out her ability and passion for sports.

She was recognized as the best Para athlete of 2018 by the the Americas Paralympic Committee and won three gold medals at the Pan Am Para-Badminton Championships 2018 in singles, doubles and mixed doubles.

They are worthy ambassadors, with great social and human sensitivity, recognized for their great achievements, who seek to live in a society based on the values of sport and respect.

They will stay true to the Peruvian flag in the different competitions in which they participate at Peruvian and international levels. They will always be an example of effort and dedication for new athletes.

It is worth mentioning that a total of 1890 Para athletes from 33 countries will be in Lima until Sunday, September 1, competing in 17 sports and 18 disciplines at the Lima 2019 Parapan American Games. This event also provides a direct ticket for the Tokyo 2020 Paralympic Games.

At the Lima 2019 Parapan American Games, Pilar Jáuregui made her debut with an important 2-0 victory over American Amy Burnett (21-4, 21-0). This is her first Group A match in the WH2 category (wheelchair).




Only two days away from the end of the Americas’ top Para sports competition, the Peruvian Para badminton team will fight for a place in the final and on the podium. Outstanding Para athletes Pilar Jáuregui and Pedro Pablo de Vinatea will be Peru’s representatives. 

The Lima 2019 Ambassadors, who delivered comprehensive defeats to their USA and Brazil counterparts in singles, will face off the experienced Cuban team featuring Maydelin Soriano and Rolando Bello. The match will take place at VIDENA Sports Center 3 at 9:00. The competition day will also feature Canada, Chile, Guatemala, among other teams. If they win their respective matches, they will advance to the semifinals, to be played in the afternoon. After going through this stage, they will compete for the gold on Saturday, August 31. 

Meanwhile, the Peruvian Para cycling road team—featuring world’s Top Ten Israel Hilario—will be put to the test in the exciting races to be held at Costa Verde San Miguel, starting at 9:00. 

In addition, Peruvian Para athlete Carlos Raymundo Cano will attempt to win in front of the home crowd in a fascinating boccia competition against Argentinian Mauricio Ibarbure, to take place at Villa El Salvador Sports Center at 10::00. The Chile, Mexico, Canada, Ecuador, Brazil and Colombia teams will also compete in this session, starting at 9:00.  

The wheelchair basketball semifinals will feature Canada, Colombia, Argentina and the USA in thrilling games taking place at VIDENA Sports Center 1, starting at 10:30.  

With regard to Para swimming, tough competitions for the gold medal will take place at VIDENA Aquatic Center, starting at 9:00. They include 50m freestyle, 200m freestyle, 200m medley, 100m breaststroke, 100m butterfly, among others.  


The Para taekwondo competitions are scheduled to start at 9:00. It is worth noting that the Para athletes qualified for the second session finals, starting at 15:00, will compete for the gold, silver and bronze medals in the K44 -49 kg, K44 -61 kg, K44 -58 kg and other categories. This competition will also feature Peruvian representative Angélica Espinoza. 

Meanwhile, the final events for wheelchair tennis will take place at Lawn Tennis Club, starting at 11:00. These will decide the winners of the men’s and women’s quad singles and doubles events.  

As for Para powerlifting, the gold medal winners will be defined in the 59 kg, 61 kg, -73 kg, -65 kg and -72 kg events at the VIDENA Sports Center 1. The events will feature the Americas’ best Para powerlifters, who will seek to go down in Para sports history.  

The Miguel Grau Coliseum in Callao will house the women’s goalball semifinals, starting at 15:00. Last but not least, the gripping football 5-a-side final will take place at Villa María del Triunfo Sports Center, starting at 14:30. 



On more than one occasion, he threw himself to the ground so as not to drop the shuttlecock. He won the match and passed through the mixed zone, serious and almost without smiling.

“I know it could’ve gone better,” Jesús Salvá told us, who in his debut beat Argentinian Ángel Ielpo 2 to 1 in a close match, in VIDENA’s Sports Center 3.

“At last year’s South American Championship we played three sets. Luckily, I beat him again, but we still have to work to reach our goal of winning the gold,” added Salvá.

Salvá, considered amongst South America’s top three in the S6 category (short stature), debuted at Lima 2019 with this victory. The Peruvian fans never stopped cheering him on from the stands, because of his effort and character. They applauded him at the end of the match. “It’s part of my character; it’s part of the game too, because you have to do everything you can to save the shuttlecock and score the point. The cheers really helped me and it’s good that people are coming out to support the Para athletes,” he highlighted.

Jesús will play his second match this Friday against Brazilian Para athlete Tavares, with his mind set on making it to the next stage. “Right now, I have to focus on Lima. Then it will be time to focus on Tokyo and on adding points to qualify,” he concluded.

Peruvians in Action this Friday

The Para badminton competition will begin at 09:00. Jenny Ventocilla will face Canada’s Olivia Meier, while Pilar Jáuregui will seek a place in the semifinal in her match against Cuba’s Maydelin Soriano.

In men’s doubles, Fajardo and Miranda will compete against Brazil’s Cano and Soares. Pedro Pablo de Vinatea will face Cuba’s Rolando Bello, while Alberto Cadenillas will compete against Brazil’s Cavalli. Finally, in mixed doubles, Cueto and Ventocilla will face off against Canadians Lapointe and Meier.

Starting at 15:00, the men’s, women’s and mixed semifinals will be contested. The competitions will come to an end on Sunday, September 1. If you would like to enjoy more competitions and cheer on the Para athletes, you can purchase your tickets on the official website (www.lima2019.pe) and at authorized points of sale.




They say the first match is always the toughest. Pedro Pablo de Vinatea, is one of the favorites in this competition and that makes him confident. His debut had a positive result at the Lima 2019 Parapan American Games, when he defeated Brazilian Rosso by 2 to 0 (21 to 15 and 21 to 8).

“It is important to start with a victory. It was an easy match at the end, but some moments where hard and I had to push myself. But playing like this, in a full coliseum and in my home, is a new feeling. I’m satisfied with being able to control that pressure,” said Pedro Pablo.

The Lima 2019 ambassador knows that the path is difficult, but as he says, “we’re just starting, and we have to go one step at a time.”

After the match, that lasted 34 minutes, Pedro Pablo was congratulated by the Premier Salvador del Solar and by the Mayor of Lima Jorge Muñoz. They also talked about the importance of inclusion and the value that Lima 2019 has given to this vital subject for the city.

“The impact the Parapan American Games are having in the city is extraordinary,” said the Premier.

After taking photos, Pedro Pablo said that “I had an excellent conversation with them. It’s always an honor that they come see you play, because I admire them a lot and I liked what they said.”

The Para badminton competition will end on Sunday, September 1. If you want to keep watching more competitions and supporting Para athletes, you can buy your tickets at the official website www.lima2019.pe and at authorized points of sale.

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