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Lima 2019 awarded over 1500 medalists throughout the 11 days of the largest multi-sports event in the continent. We still get a feeling of nostalgia when we remember the best Parapan American Games in history, in which spectators witnessed the high competition level of the great stars and new talents in the Americas. 

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The best Para athletes are listed below:

1.    Omara Durand (Cuba) Para athletics T12

The fastest woman of the Paralympic movement made history at Lima 2019 after winning three gold medals at the Parapan American Games for the third time in a row. The Cuban athlete earned the victory in 100, 200 and 400 m. Besides, she broke the Parapan American record in 400 and 200 m events (she even did it twice in the latter).

2.    Petrúcio Ferreira (Brazil) Para athletics T47

The Brazilian Para athlete arrived at Lima with two world records in 100 and 200 m, and he did not disappoint at all. He claimed the gold in 100 and 400 m and a silver in mixed relay, repeating his success of Toronto 2015. In the 100 m, he even surprised us all by setting two new records on the same day.

3.    Daniel Dias (Brazil) Para swimming S5

The best Para swimmer of all times took home six gold medals at Lima 2019. These new victories added up to the total of 33 golds he has obtained along his four Parapan American Games finals. So far, Dias has won 77 gold medals in his career, including 14 Paralympic medals and 30 world titles. He is, for sure, a true sport legend.

4.    Gustavo Fernández (Argentina) wheelchair tennis

The best wheelchair tennis player of the world circuit obtained his third consecutive gold medal in the Games and his second gold in doubles. This way, “Gusti” finished the year on a high note, as he arrived in Lima as the champion of three Grand Slam tournaments: the 2019 Australian Open, Roland Garros and Wimbledon. What a legend!

5.    José de Jesús Castillo (Mexico) Para powerlifting

The best Para powerlifter of the Americas rose to the top at Lima 2019 after winning the gold in the -107 kg weight class, his fourth consecutive title in the Games. “Chuy” has now a secure a spot among the top Para powerlifters in this discipline.

6.    Amalia Pérez (Mexico) Para powerlifting

She snatched her fourth gold medal at the Parapan American Games in the -55 kg weight class, breaking the Parapan American record. The Mexican is also a five-time Paralympic medalist.

7.    Yanina Martínez (Argentina) Para athletics T36

She repeated her success of Toronto 2015, by winning the gold in both 100 and 200 m in Lima. Her next challenge is to defend the 100 m title she claimed at the Rio 2016 Paralympic Games.

8.    Sara Vargas (Colombia) Para swimming S6

The new Para swimming talent of our continent earned four golds and one silver at just 12 years old in her first major event ever. Also, she broke five Parapan American records, becoming one of the best Para athletes in the Americas.

9.    Phelipe Melo (Brazil) Para swimming S10

He crowned himself as the Para athlete with the most medals at Lima 2019, with seven golds and one bronze.
 So far, he has collected 22 medals in three Parapan American Games.

10.  Nelson Crispín (Colombia) Para swimming S6

He broke his own record by taking home five golds, one silver and one bronze, surpassing the number of medals achieved in Toronto (three golds, two silvers and one bronze medal). What is more, he broke the 100 m breaststroke world record.

11.  Carlos Serrano (Colombia) Para swimming S7

At Lima 2019, he surpassed his Toronto 2015 achievements with seven medals (five golds, one silver and one bronze), thus breaking five Parapan American records.
 His next challenge is to go beyond the three Paralympic medals he obtained at Río 2016 (one, gold, one silver and one bronze).

12.  Naomí Somellera (Mexico) Para swimming S7

At age 20, she showed us all she is at the top of her game, by collecting six gold medals at Lima 2019.
 This way, she surpassed her Toronto 2015 performance, where she picked up two medals.

13.  Alberto Abarza (Chile) Para swimming S2

The Chilean flag-bearer claimed three golds and two silvers, setting the Parapan American record in four events.

14.  Wimana Stewart (Trinidad and Tobago) Para athletics F43

She snatched two gold medals, breaking the Parapan American and world record in discus throw, as well as the Parapan American record in javelin throw twice.

15.  Matías Pino (Chile) Wheelchair tennis TT6

He claimed two Parapan American titles and helped his country achieve its best performance in the Games.

16.  Clara Brown (United States) Para cycling C1-C3

She won three golds (one on track and two on road) and one bronze in track cycling, thus breaking three Parapan American records.

17.  Fabricio Barros (Brazil) Para athletics T12

To everyone’s surprise, he earned the victory in the 100 m event, defeating favorites such as Noah Malone from the USA and Leinier Savón from Cuba. Besides, he broke the 100 m Parapan American record in his category with a time of 10.97.

18.  Nicholas Bennett (Canada) Para swimming S14

At age 15, he is the new Canadian Paralympic star, and he made it clear to everyone by taking three gold medals and one silver in Lima 2019. He is one of the most well-rounded Para swimmers in the continent, as he has won medals in all four styles.

19.  Thiago Paulino (Brazil) Para athletics F57

He broke the world and Parapan American shot put record all in one day, collecting an epic gold medal for his country.



Today’s session was historic for American Para powerlifting. From the stands of Sport Center 2 at VIDENA, an amazed crowd could see how the Chilean Juan Carlos Garrido, number one in the ranking, broke his own record and as well the Parapan American record, the same one that he set in Toronto 2015, with 175kg.

This time, the athlete from Antofagasta, who recently won bronze in the World Championship of Para powerlifting in at Kazajistan, lifted 185 kg and picked up the gold medal in Para powerlifting, under-the 59kg category.

With three first successful lifts, Garrido tried to improve his mark by lifting 187 kg, he did not make it though. Brazilian Junior de Franca claimed his first medal in Para powerlifting

There’s a considerable difference from his opponents in the medal table, the Brazilian Luciano Bezerra (silver) and the Venezuelan Carlos Betancourt (bronze); whose marks were 151 kg and 150 kg respectively.




Since she left her hometown of Puerto Maldonado when she was four, Noemí Vásquez always had to fight adversity. Poliomyelitis paralyzed her lower limb muscles, but that did not stop her from persevering. This afternoon she won the bronze medal in the Para powerlifting -50 kg category in a packed Sports Center and she confirmed that being dedicated was worth it.

Noemí lives in Arequipa with her mother Guillermina, her main motivation to persevere in this discipline. Today Guillermina could not be in the stands cheering her on, but everything was dedicated to her. With tears in her eyes, she remembered all the effort they put in together to make her dream of making it on to the podium at the Parapan American Games come true.

“I feel blessed by God and I cried so much when they confirmed that I had won the medal. It made leaving my mother and my son in Arequipa for four months to train in Lima worth it. She must be very excited because she always encouraged me to keep going and helped me with everything,” Naomi said.

Vásquez won the medal by lifting 40 kg on her first attempt and convincing the judges’ assessment. “During this time, I worked a lot on my technique, prepared psychologically and even followed a meticulous diet. This last week I felt a lot of pressure and even got stressed with the coach’s instructions, but I felt so supported that I went in with a lot of confidence,” she concluded.

You can purchase tickets to watch the remaining Para powerlifting competitions starting at PEN 10. There will be a 50% discount for children under 18, senior citizens and people with an impairment. You can buy tickets at the ticket booths in VIDENA and at the 11 authorized points of sale located around the city.

You can also purchase them online at lima2019.pe/tickets, where you will find the detailed competition calendar. In the case of e-tickets, printing will no longer be necessary since customers can show their e-ticket from their mobile phones at the entrance of the sports venue.



VIDENA’s Sports Center 2 experienced a festive ambiance. Lights, colors, music and a fun camera made the start of the Para powerlifting a great experience.

The stage was crowded and had the participation of school students of the Santo Domingo El Caminante school of Manchay.

Brazilian Junior de Franca was the first Para athlete won the first gold medal in this competition that started at 11:00. In addition, he set a new Parapan American record by lifting 141 kg in his second attempt.

“It is really gratifying to carry the gold medal and motivate other athletes,” said the also silver medalist of the Hungary 2017 World Championships.

The previous record was of 113 kg and was set in Toronto 2015 by Colombian Juan Carlos Ortiz, but Junior made an incredible effort to break it. “We're champions of the Americas and we want to keep that title. Today I had a double satisfaction,” he said.

Johnny Morales from Colombia, who was participating for the first time in the Parapan American Games, won silver with 125 kg in his best attempt.

“The gold —Junior— was a little ahead, so I should train more to catch him,” said Morales, who took more than one photo with school students, thanking them for their support. “They cheered for me and everything,” said the Colombian athlete.

The Para powerlifting competition will be held on Saturday, August 31, and if you want to keep watching more competition and supporting Para athletes, you can buy your tickets at the official website www.lima2019.pe and at authorized points sale.

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He remembers his first connection with sports as if it were yesterday. Mexican Para powerlifting multi-medalist José de Jesús Castillo was only 16 when he was watching the Sydney 2000 Paralympic Games in his living room. That fall morning in his hometown Guadalajara, ‘Chuy’ discovered the discipline that would turn him into one of the living images of victory.

Since then, Castillo has devoted his entire time to beating his own records. He is currently competing in the 97 kg category and is the current Parapan American champion, with another two golds claimed at Guadalajara 2011 and Río 2007, though in a different weight category. His perseverance resulted in the Americas Paralympic Committee naming him the best Para athlete in the Americas for the second year in a row.

“It impressed me to see people who had the same physical condition as me doing extraordinary things. I tried other types of Paralympic sports such as Para swimming and Para athletics; however, my destiny was Para powerlifting, and thank God, I've done well,” the 2017 world champion told Lima 2019.

The Mexican powerlifter will compete on Saturday 21 at VIDENA Sports Center 2, seeking an unprecedented fourth gold in a row. Castillo, who also won a bronze medal at the 2016 Paralympic Games, intends to improve his record of 236 kg, which is also the current Parapan American record.

“This is my first time in Lima and I'm eager to do everything right and expect to climb onto the top of the podium. Although my record is high, we will try to surpass it in Lima. We have just competed in the World Championship in Kazakhstan, and depending on how the competition goes, we will try to achieve it if needed,” added ‘Chuy’.

The show is guaranteed with this outstanding Para powerlifting champion. Buy your tickets for his competition, starting at only PEN 10. There will be a 50% discount for children under 18, senior citizens and people with an impairment. You can buy the tickets in the ticket offices at VIDENA and the 11 authorized points of sale in Lima.

They can also be bought online at lima2019.pe/tickets, where the competition schedule is detailed. In the case of e-tickets, printing will no longer be necessary since customers can show their e-ticket from their mobile phones at the entrance of the sports venue.



Her name sounds like success and for Lima 2019 it is an honor to welcome Amalia Pérez. The five-time Paralympic medalist in Para powerlifting, who has achieved world records in different categories (44, 48 and 60 kg), is here to participate in her fifth Parapan American Games.  

“I am very happy and excited after seeing the Pan American Games, the truth is that athletes stood out, and now I feel motivated to represent Mexico in the best way, we feel welcomed and at home,” Amalia pointed out, after arriving in our country.  

The gold medalist in Rio 2007, Guadalajara 2011 and Toronto 2015, will seek in Lima 2019 her fourth medal and a qualifier for Tokyo 2020, which will be her last participation since Sidney 2000.  

“I am committed, absolutely proud and my heart is ready to represent my country, and more importantly, willing to show every Peruvian the effort, perseverance and abilities on this sport,” the Para athlete affirmed.  

Para powerlifting is a sport that requires a lot of time for training, but just a short time for competition. The event consists of 2 minutes and three attempts, and Amalia wants to demonstrate she is still present and planning on getting a medal.  

“This motivates me and I do it with pride because it is a great opportunity for women to represent Paralympic sports,” the Para athlete added. 

The complete Mexican delegation is now in Lima. “We are here to have a good time, but we want to give our best to win the most medals,” concluded Amalia.  

Para powerlifting will be held in Sports Center 2 at the National Sports Village (VIDENA) from August 29 to 31, and if you want to enjoy the performance of this world and Olympic champion, you can get your tickets at the official web page lima2019.pe/tickets and the authorized points of sale. 



The National Paralympic Association of Peru announced that a total of 139 athletes will represent Peru at the Lima 2019 Parapan American Games, which will begin on August 23, becoming the largest delegation in its history.

The announcement was made by its President, Lucha Villar. “It’s an honor to announce that Peru will be represented by 139 young athletes. They successfully qualified and are the large group of Para athletes who will make us proud,” she said.

Peru will take part in 16 sports, including sitting volleyball and wheelchair basketball as the ones with the largest number of competitors: 24 each (12 in women’s team and 12 in men’s team)

Furthermore, there will be Para athletes participating in boccia (4), football 5-a-side (10), football 7-a-side (14), goalball (12), judo (1), Para athletics (14), Para badminton (10), Para cycling (2), Para swimming (4), Para powerlifting (4), Para taekwondo (4), Para table tennis (4), Shooting Para sport (3) and wheelchair tennis (5).

As confirmed by Lucha Villar, the Peruvian delegation will be led by José González-Mugaburu, bronze medalist at the Toronto 1976 Paralympic Games.

“We are very confident, not only in good results that Peruvians will achieve but also in what they will represent. They are the best ambassadors for Para sports,” he said.


Tickets for Lima 2019 competitions can be purchased at the 11 points of sale set up at Jockey Plaza shopping center in Santiago de Surco and Metro and Wong supermarkets in the districts of Chorrillos, Independencia, La Molina, Lima, Miraflores, San Borja, San Isidro, San Juan de Miraflores, San Miguel and Surco.

Also, on the website www.lima2019.pe and on the Teleticket website: https://teleticket.com.pe/lima2019. The tickets for the Parapan American Games start at PEN 10 and there will be a 50% discount for children under 18, senior citizens and people with an impairment.