Rumbo a Lima 2019

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When will the Lima 2019 Pan American Games take place?

The Pan American Games will take place from July 26 to August 11.

How many sports and disciplines will the Pan American Games feature?

The Pan American Games will feature 39 sports and 62 disciplines, respectively.

How many athletes will participate in the Pan American Games?

Over 6680 athletes will participate in this major sports event.

How many delegations will participate in the Pan American Games?

There will be 41 delegations participating in the Pan American Games.

When will the Parapan American Games take place?

The Parapan American Games will take place from August 23 to September 1.

How many sports and disciplines will the Parapan American Games feature?

The Parapan American Games will feature 17 sports and 18 disciplines, respectively.

How many athletes will participate in the Parapan American Games?

Approximately 1890 Para athletes will show their talent in this sports event.

How many delegations will participate in the Parapan American Games?

A total of 33 delegations will participate in the Parapan American Games.

Where will the Lima 2019 opening and closing ceremonies take place?

The Opening and Closing Ceremonies of the Lima 2019 Games will take place at the National Stadium.

How many competition venues are there?

There are 19 competition venues for the Pan American and Parapan American Games.

Where can I buy the official merchandising of Lima 2019?

You can buy all the official merchandising of Lima 2019 in the online store https://lima2019.juntoz.com/


What are the ticket prices?

Tickets will be affordably priced. Tickets for sports sessions start at S/20 with tickets for finals ranging from S/ 30 to S/ 80.

Tickets for the Opening Ceremony range from S/ 20 to S/ 400 and for Closing Ceremony prices range from S/ 20 to S/ 200.

A complete list of ticket prices is available on this website.

Who will be selling the tickets?

The consortium formed by Ticketmaster and Teleticket is Lima 2019’s official ticket service provider.

Tickets will be available through ticket outlets around the city of Lima and the official website www. lima2019.pe.

Are other tickets being sold online at other websites valid?

Beware of any others offering tickets for sale. They may be counterfeit, lost or stolen, Do NOT purchase tickets through other sources!!

It is illegal for anyone other than Lima 2019 and Pan Am Sports to sell tickets, anyone caught doing so will be prosecuted.

The ONLY authorized website to purchase tickets is www.lima2019.pe, or you may purchase VIP packages through Pan Am Sports.

How many tickets can I buy for a session?

Ticket limits are applied to ensure fair access to tickets, and to minimize the risk of unlawful ticket resale. For many sessions you can purchase up to 20 tickets.

However, lower ticket limits will be applied for venues with high demand and low capacity. These limits will be indicated on the website when you make your purchase.

Lima 2019 reserves the right to change the limits at any time.

How do ticket sales work?

The Lima 2019 Pan Am Games will take place over 17 competition days. Each day will be broken down by sport, discipline and into smaller sessions.

Sessions are defined as an individual sporting event, or group of individual sporting events, held in close timing to each other at one specific venue, whereby one ticket per person is sold to cover attendance.

Note that there may be 2 ticketed sessions on one day for a given sport.

What does “price category” mean?

Price categories are an indication of seat locations inside venues. Tickets in price category “A” will provide seating that may provide better view than tickets in price category “B” at the same session and venue.

Lower price categories will still provide a great Games experience.

What does a ticket provide me access to?

A ticket will provide you with access to a ceremony or sport session. Sessions are defined as an individual sporting event, or group of individual sporting events, held in close timing to each other at one specific venue, whereby one ticket per person is sold to cover attendance.

Will any discount tickets be available?

Yes. We will be offering the following age-qualifying ticket discounts for public sale:

  • Minors under 18 years as of July 26, 2019.
  • Anyone 60 years of age or over as of July 26, 2019.

Note that every person entering the venue requires a ticket, including babies and children.

In addition to the youth and senior discounts for public sales, we will also offer a discount rate for accessible-needs purchasers and their companions.

Discount tickets will only be available in some price categories. We reserve the right to limit the number of discounted tickets available at any time. You may be required to provide proof of age when purchasing tickets in person and when entering the venue. If you are unable to prove eligibility for the discount ticket, you may be refused entry or ejected from the venue.

What types of seating are there?

Depending on the venue, sessions with two or three price categories will have a specified area for each ticket category. In some sports, the Category A will have reserved seats, while Categories B and C will be for general admission within a specific area.

The seating configuration will be available when you make your purchase..

Can I buy a package that includes tickets for every session in my favourite sport?

No. To ensure a fair and equitable distribution of tickets and to avoid tickets going unused, you will need to purchase tickets for each individual session you wish to attend.

How can I find out when my favourite team/ country plays?

For team sports, detailed information of teams competing in specific sessions will be released once qualifications are completed.

That information will be posted on www.lima2019.pe once it becomes available.

If it doesn’t indicate what country is competing, how do I know what session to buy?

Semifinals and finals in each sport are likely to be the most popular – you should consider buying those first. It’s an event you will want to be there for – regardless of who is competing!

Can I sell my tickets?

Resale of your tickets is not permitted as per the terms and conditions of purchase. However, if you are unable to attend you may give your ticket to a friend or family member. They must be aware of the terms and conditions of sale as printed on your tickets and be able to provide the information of the registered ticket owner if requested at the venue.

How and where can I purchase tickets?

Tickets for the Pan American Games will be available online at www.lima2019.pe.

They are also available at the following ticket outlets:

  • Closer to the Games, a retail outlet will be open at Exhibition Park – watch for details!
  • During the Games, tickets will be available at the venues on competition days.

Don’t be disappointed! Buy your tickets in advance and avoid line-ups at the venue!


1ChorrillosHIPERMERCADO METRO - ChorrillosAv. Prolongación Paseo de la República S/N Urb. Matellini - C.C. Plaza Lima Sur, Chorrillos
2IndependenciaHIPERMERCADO METRO - IndependenciaAv. Alfredo Mendiola 3900 Urb. Ind Panamericana Norte, Independencia
3La MolinaTienda WONG - CamachoAv. Javier Prado Este 5055 Urb. Camacho - C.C. Plaza Camacho, La Molina
4LimaHIPERMERCADO METRO - EmancipaciónJr. Cuzco 245, Lima
5MirafloresTienda WONG - Bajada BaltaMalecón Balta 626 - Balta Shopping, Miraflores
6San BorjaTienda WONG - San BorjaJirón Ucello 162, San Borja
7San IsidroTienda WONG - Dos de MayoAv. Dos de Mayo 1099, San Isidro
8San Juan de MirafloresTiendas METRO - AtocongoAv. Los Héroes 100, San Juan de Miraflores
9San MiguelHIPERMERCADO METRO - La MarinaAv. La Marina esquina cdra. 25 Av. Parque de las Leyendas
10Santiago de SurcoTienda WONG - GardeniasAv. Alfredo Benavides 5250 Urb. Las Gardenias, Santiago de Surco


Who requires a ticket?

All persons entering the venue are required to have a ticket regardless of age. There are discounts available for Minors under 18 years and for seniors 60+.

Can I send my children to an event unaccompanied?

No. Youth 18 years of age and younger must be accompanied by an adult.

Can I print my tickets at home?

No. Only hard copy tickets and e-tickets will be accepted. Spectators are required to carry an ID with them at all times.

I prefer to have hard copy tickets. How and where do I pick up my tickets?

When you are making an online purchase you will have the option to collect your tickets at a Lima 2019 retail outlet. The list of these outlets can be found above.

Will the tickets be printed with the data of each client ID?

You will be required to enter your ID when purchasing tickets and you must present this ID at the venue if requested.

If a customer does not have an ID what other document can he/she present for admission to the event?

International spectators can provide the number on government issued ID of their country.

I require seating in a wheelchair accessible area. How do I purchase these tickets?

Tickets will be available through all sales channels – online and at the 10 retail outlets. One companion seat is also available to sit beside the wheelchair location. There is a discount available for wheelchair and companion seating.

Where will my family sit?

One member can sit next to you as a companion, the rest of the family can sit in the closest seats available.

I have a physical impairment and am not able to climb many stairs. Can I purchase tickets for easy access seats?

There are not tickets specifically for those with physical challenges (other than wheelchair locations). However, a small number of seats will be reserved for those that need easily accessible seats. When you arrive at the seating area, ask a volunteer to direct you to those seats.

Will there be parking available for those with physical impairments?

There is no parking available at any venue. Refer to www.Lima2019.pe for any information regarding services available.

I have tickets for an event and now I can’t go. Can I exchange them for another event on a different day?

No. There are no exchanges or refunds.

What happens if an event is delayed or cancelled due to weather? Or for other reasons?

If the decision to delay or cancel is made a few hours prior to the event, Lima2019 Ticketing will advise you by email. If there is a delay during the event, an announcement will be made at the venue advising you what to do about your tickets.

Refer to the Terms and Conditions for detailed information regarding delays, postponements and cancellations.

The events I wish to attend are several hours long. Can I enter the venue for only a portion of the event?

Yes. However, this may be a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity for you to attend and support the athletes of all countries.

We encourage you to plan to attend the entire session. The athletes you see in Lima this year you may see on TV competing for Olympic gold in Tokyo next year!

If I arrive late for a session, will the ticket prices be reduced at the gate?


Can you tell me what time a certain discipline will be happening within a session?

For example, in Athletics I really only want to come in time for the Men’s 100m final? The order that events happen can vary within a session so that information isn’t available.

We encourage you to come for the entire session so you won’t miss out on any of the action!

Can I leave tickets at the box office for my friends to pick up?

No, the box office will not accept tickets for someone else. You will have to make arrangements to meet your friends and give them the tickets.

Can I be seated with friends who order separately?

For reserved seating, only people who purchase tickets at the same time will be seated together. For venues with general admission seating, your party can select your seats when you arrive. Be there on time to get best seats.

How long before the start of an event should I arrive at the venue?

Due to the high demands that will be placed on the public transportation system and in order to clear security and locate your seats, it is suggested that you plan to arrive at venues at least 90 minutes prior to the start of the session.

Gates open for most events 90 minutes before the event starts.

What forms of payment can I use when purchasing tickets?

All major credit cards are accepted for online sales, at retail outlets and at Games time box offices. If you plan to order a number of different events, especially Opening and Closing Ceremony, be sure that you know what your daily credit card limit is. Visa, Mastercard and Amex debit cards are also accepted. The 10 Lima 2019 ticket outlets and the venue box offices at Games time will also accept cash.

Can I use someone else’s credit card when I apply for tickets?

No. The ticket account holder and the credit card holder must be the same person.

Any purchases where the name and address of the account holder do not match the name and billing address of the credit card holder will be rejected.

Be sure to create your account in the exact surname and forename as appears on your credit card.

Is it safe to use my credit card?

Online purchases made through credit cards are made in accordance with the security measures established in the Credit and Debit Card Regulations approved by SBS Resolution N° 6523-2013. Any inconvenience please communicate directly with your bank.

How do I know what the ticket prices are in the currency of my country?

Check one of the currency converter websites to get an approximation of what the cost would be. Remember that currencies fluctuate and the exchange rate may vary slightly. The converted price will appear on your credit card statement.

Are there any events that are free?

Yes, the following events are free of charge. Please refer to Lima 2019 for details regarding dates, times and locations from which you can view these events.

  • Open Water swimming
  • Canoeing – extreme slalom, slalom and sprint
  • Cycling Mountain
  • Water Skiing
  • Race Walk
  • Marathon
  • Rowing
  • Triathlon
  • Sailing