futbol 7 Author: Lima 2019 press release Lima, 1 September 2019


Brazil beat 5-3 Argentina at the South American classic match.

Fútbol 7

Brazil is unstoppable. After the gold medal obtained yesterday in football 5-a-side, Brazil picked another gold in football 7-a-side today after an exciting and vibrant final held at the Villa María del Triunfo Sports Center.

Although Argentina scored the first goal, the first-half finished with a tie 1-1. Brazil stepped up its game in the second-half and, goal after goal, ended up winning with a score of 5-3.

The stars of the match were the Brazilian midfielders Ubirajara Da Silva, who scored three goals, and Evandro de Oliveira, who scored two. The defenders Pablo Molina and Rodrigo Lucía, as well as the midfielder Nicola Billordo, scored the goals for the Argentinian team.

In the stands, the spectators were also engaged in another competition. Chanting and screaming, the fanbases of both teams never stopped cheering on their favorite, even more so when they scored a goal.

On the other hand, in a match held hours before, the United States dismissed 7-0 Venezuela, taking home the gold medal.

It is worth mentioning that football 7-a-side is a sport adapted for athletes with cerebral palsy and/or traumatic brain injuries, and it follows the rules established by FIFA. This game is played on a reduced field, and teams are made up of seven players, including the goalkeeper. There is no “offside” rule, and throw-ins or rolling the ball back onto the field of play are allowed.