Author: Lima 2019 press release Lima, 26 August 2019


The delegations from Brazil and Argentina played a match that amazed the audience at the Miguel Grau Coliseum.


Goalball competitions opened with a hard-fought South American classic match between Argentinian and Brazilian men’s teams for the qualifying round of Group A.

This version of the “classic match of the Atlantic” dazzled the spectators who gathered at the Miguel Grau Coliseum in Callao. In this regard, people on the grandstands tirelessly cheered on the Para athletes, who despite they were wearing eyeshades, showcased precision both in attacking and defensive move.

The score was favorable to the “carioca” team after thrashing Argentina 9-2. The Brazilians entered the field determined to win, and they winded up the match in the first half. However, their opponent managed to score two goals in the second half.

The scorer of the match was the Brazilian Josemarcio Sousa, with 4 goals; however, his teammate Leomon Moreno Da Silva stood out for being a key solid defender against the Argentinian team.

Moreno Da Silva, who has been named the world’s greatest goalball player, expressed his gratitude to Lima 2019 for offering a suitable infrastructure to practice this Para sport, as well as for contributing to its promotion and positioning at a continental level.

“I am very happy to be able to recognize that in Peru they have made every effort to host a Para sports event that exceeds our expectations, not only for the venues, but also for the hospitality and cheers of the people. That fills me with emotion, and enable my professional and moral growth,” he said effusively.

On the other hand, the goalball player Fernando Rodríguez, who scored the goal for the Argentinian team, pointed out that, due to the ovation and cheers from the Lima fans, he felt as if they were playing as a home team.

“The support of the crowd was amazing and unforgettable; it will remain engraved on my heart. Those words of encouragement that go beyond nationality make us stronger as Para athletes,” he concluded with enthusiasm.

This is how the men’s goalball opening competitions took place, with a great South American classic match, in an atmosphere of brotherhood, where the fans in Lima claim the slogan Let’s All Play!