Author: Lima 2019 press release Lima, 26 August 2019


Peruvian goalball players were welcomed with enthusiasm by the public, who made sure they knew they were the home team.


The Peruvian women’s goalball team received a warm welcome from fans in its debut against the experienced team from the US in the group stage of this amazing Para sport that promises to be one of the best performances of Lima 2019.

The Peruvian fans lived up to their role as hosts by chanting at the top of their lungs the memorable “como no te voy a querer.” Before the event started, the legendary “Arriba Peru” echoed through the Miguel Grau Coliseum of Callao, boosting the confidence of the three Peruvian goalball players.

The Peruvian trio was unable to beat the North American team, who defined the match in the first period. However, the Para athletes defended the Peruvian flag with honor and spirit, to the rhythm of the encouraging words and applause coming from the stands. They also backed their opponent’s defense into a corner in more than one occasion, forcing them to repel hard throws.

When the match ended, the Peruvian goalball players approached the stand, where the public applauded and greeted them. With this in mind, goalball player Diana Flores invited all Peruvians to continue cheering for Peru’s national goalball team.

“The energy that the fans transmit to us is something that allows us to keep going and reinforces our belief that representing Peru is the best thing that’s ever happened to us. That’s why, tomorrow we’re going for the win,” she stated with excitement.

She also thanked Lima 2019 for the chance it gives goalball players to be able to put into practice their abilities in first-rate sports facilities. “This makes our work on the field of play more valuable and it’s the best reward for our intense training,” she concluded.

Additionally, this Monday 26, the three tough Peruvians will seek to redeem themselves against Canada, at 16:15. There is no doubt that the Peruvian fans will continue supporting the Para athletes unconditionally, who, through their efforts, wish to leave Peru at the top of the largest Para sports event in the continent.