Author: Lima 2019 press release Lima, 11 August 2019


The Peruvian judoka defeated the Brazilian Rafael Macedo with an ippon in the competition for the 90 kg bronze medal. “I thank Peru for all their support,” he said.


As soon as Yuta Galarreta beat the Brazilian Rafael Macedo in the tatami, he started to cry out of emotion. He clenched his fists as a sign of triumph and then he came down fast to his coach to give him an endless hug. Galarreta dedicated his bronze medal in the 90 kg category to every Peruvian who shouted his victory. He even hugged a fan in the grandstands who gave him a plush toy for his perseverance in judo. 

His parents, cousins and friends also were in the grandstands and clapped until their hands were red. The boy who grew up in Japan was able to enjoy the taste of victory at the VIDENA Sport Center 1. The decision to come to train in Lima since the beginning of the year identified him even more with Peru and, therefore, he had so much emotion contained. 

“When I won the combat, I didn’t think of anything. I felt so happy that I just started to cry, and then I came down to celebrate with my coach Franco (Loza). He was very important because when we lost the semifinal, he encouraged me to go for the bronze medal. He trusts me, that’s why I thanked him so much. I thank Peru for their support,” he said. 

After the silver medal obtained by Alonso Wong in the 73kg category, judo is one of the disciplines that has given Peru the most medals. Winning 37 medals should not only remain in the history of Peruvian sport; it should be the beginning of something even greater.