The last day of the Parapan American Games gave us one of the most vibrant Para badminton S6 finals between the Brazilian Tavares and the American Krajweski.

The gold went to Vitor Tavares, who had recently claimed three bronze medals at the Para-Badminton World Championships. Before moving to the final and claiming the gold, Tavares had defeated 2-0 the Peruvian Jesús Salvá, who ended up collecting the bronze.

“It was a very important competition for me because I wanted to obtain the gold medal,” he said.

Miles Krajewski from the USA also received a round of applause from the spectators on the stands, including the President of Peru, Martín Vizcarra, who was accompanied by Carlos Neuhaus, president of the Lima 2019 Organizing Committee.

“I liked this competition. Vitor is a great player and won the game fairly,” said the American.

At age 14, Miles Krajewski became one of the youngest Para athletes in the Games and proved he is a promising talent in this category. Krajewski came to Lima 2019 with the mission of winning the gold medal and obtain a ticket for Tokyo 2020.  



The month of September starts with the closing of the competitions of the most important sports event in the continent. In this framework, Peru will seek to win his lasts medals and close its Parapan American participation with a grand finale.

It will be the acclaimed Lima 2019 Ambassador, Pilar Jáuregui—who comes from relentlessly defeating Cuba and United States—who will try win against the Canadian Yuka Chokyu in the women’s singles event, category WH2. Pilar will seek to win the gold medal for Peru in the Sports Center 3 at the National Sports Village, starting at 08:00.

On the same day, Brazil will compete against United States in an impressive final in which the winner of the gold medal in the men’s singles, category SS6, will be defined. In the same way, the Brazilian team will compete against Canada in the mixed doubles event, category SL3-SU5.

Likewise, in Para cycling road, Peru will be represented by the experienced Lima 2019 Ambassador, Israel Hilario, who has recently acquired a gold medal, and by the outstanding Para athlete Yuber Pichihua, who won a silver medal in the Paracycling Pan American Circuit held in Brazil. Both will seek to reach gold in the final of the road race, category C1-3.

The competition, which will gather the most outstanding Para cyclist of the continent, will begin at 10:00 in the Costa Verde circuit in San Miguel. In this same venue, starting at 08:00, the final of the mixed road cycling event will take place in the H1-2, H3-5, T1-2 categories, among others.

Finally, the Villa El Salvador Sports Center will host, starting at 09:00, the exciting finals of boccia, in the following categories: pairs BC3, teams BC1/BC2, and pairs BC4.

Thus, the challenges of the Lima 2019 Parapan American Games culminate, with the possibility that Peru reaches the podium again and, consequently, improves its position in the medal table looking to leave a Para sports legacy that will serve as inspiration for future generations.



Almost six years ago he witnessed how Lima was chosen to host the Pan American and Parapan American Games. This time, the stage was different. The Sports Center 3 was full of people to cheer the Para badminton final for the gold medal in the men’s SL3 category.

Pedro Pablo de Vinatea looked at the grandstands and raised his hand to greet all those present. He knew it was the crucial moment to achieve his goal of winning the medal, but first he had to beat the Brazilian Zuffo.

Even the President of the Peru, Martín Vizcarra, was present in the grandstands, next to the President of the Lima 2019 Organizing Committee, Carlos Neuhaus, and the President of the International Paralympic Committee, Andrew Parsons. “La Blanquirroja” was also present and gave all its support.

At the end, Pedro Pablo achieved his goal, he beat Zuffo 2-0 and won the long-awaited medal. It was like that October 11, 2013 in Toronto, where he managed to bring the venue to our country. “In that moment, it was a wish, but throughout these six years, many things happened. And although I dreamt it, I realized it was possible and that I had to go step by step, that was the recipe that worked for me. This is more important than any other championship, than any world championship,” said Pedro Pablo.

It was president Martín Vizcarra who awarded him with the medal, a special moment for him. “The match finished and I began to connect with people. Throughout the game I felt the energy, I felt the cheers of the fanbase, that made me score some points,” he added.

Excited, with the medal on his neck and the cuchimilco in one hand, Pedro Pablo sent a message for all those who identify with him: “they can also win, they can also compete, which is what I have been doing for a long time.”



The Parapan American Games were not only a sporting and organizational success, but they also generated a lot of expectation in several disciplines. This afternoon, the Sports Center 3 at VIDENA showed a full house again in the final won by Pedro Pablo de Vinatea, in an unprecedented sporting environment for Para badminton.

This support chain, which helps to promote Para sports in Peru, was always one of the goals that De Vinatea pursued. However, this should only serve as a starting point for improving the conditions for athletes with an impairment. The mother of the Parapan American champion, Rosario Estrada de Vinatea, expressed how she felt with this experience.

“The public has captured the love that Pedro Pablo has for his sport and this is just the beginning of what he always dreamed of. He always says that each triumph of his teammates makes him feel like a winner, because he has really connected with the people who leave everything to reach their goals. This is an example for all society, because it makes us unite around the sport that gives us all happiness,” she said.

The President of Peru, Martín Vizcarra, was among the group of spectators, while the cheers were in charge of ‘La Blanquirroja’. In fact, its members were present in most of the competitions in which Peruvian Para athletes participated. Jair Villanueva, the founder of ‘La Blanquirroja’, explained the reasons behind this mobilization.

“This movement that was seen in Lima 2019 is part of what we call Peruvian revolution, which is part of the culture of support for all the Peruvian athletes we are promoting. We want to be the fanbase of all Peruvians and this is just the beginning, because we are planning to continue at the Tokyo 2020 Olympic Games,” said Villanueva.



He was present right from the start of the competition, rooting for Pedro Pablo de Vinatea that was playing for the gold. The President of the Republic of Peru, Martín Vizcarra, attended the Para badminton final of the men’s SL3 category. 

The Head of State watched the exciting match next to Carlos Neuhaus, president of the Lima 2019 Organizing Committee, and Andrew Parsons, president of the International Paralympic Committee.

The Sports Center 3 was completely packed with fans, including members of Peru’s official fanbase, “La blanquirroja”, who gave a Peruvian flag to the President before the match. 

After Peru claimed the gold, the whole sports center erupted in cheers, while the spectators gave a thunderous round of applause to the Para athlete.  

Moreover, Vizcarra had the honor of handing over the gold medal to Pedro Pablo de Vinatea, a moment filled with emotions that made the VIDENA vibrate with excitement. 



The story behind each medal won by the four Para athletes, during the press conference about the Lima 2019closing ceremony, is the true reflection that everything is possible in life. Peruvian athletes Israel Hilario and Angélica Espinoza, Colombian Angélica Bernal, as well as Brazilian Verónica Hipólito, showed their immense gratitude with the organization of the Parapan American Games.

Hilario (Para cycling) and Espinoza (Para taekwondo) won two gold medals for Peru yesterday and thrilled the fans. Hilario achieved a better record in the time trial event, despite competing in an integrated race against opponents with a lesser physical impairment. The athlete from Huánuco thanked Lima 2019.

“These Parapan American Games became a very important vehicle for social inclusion, because athletes with an impairment have demonstrated that we are productive and represent Peru with dignity,” said Hilario, Lima 2019 Ambassador, who won gold in Para road cycling

Likewise, Espinoza stated that Lima 2019 became one more reason for hope for the Para athletes. “With these Games it was demonstrated that many things can be improved with opportunities, because we have always had spirit and sacrifice, and surely in Santiago 2023 you will see a more important delegation in terms of results,” she mentioned.

The story of Brazilian Hipólito is moving. After overcoming 203 benign tumors that made her unable to train since 2007, she reached the last quota for Lima 2019 in the final stretch. Not even the two head surgeries that prostrated her two years in bed could with her energy. She will take home three silver medals and the affection of Peru.

“I enjoyed these Games more than the ones in Toronto because I literally came back from nowhere. Doctors said I could not compete again and winning a medal was illogical. Life brought me to Peru and I leave grateful to everyone and my message is that sport is only the first step for an inclusive society. We can regain happiness with sport,” stated Veronica, a former world and Parapan American champion.

Finally, Colombian Bernabe, who won gold and silver medal in wheelchair tennis (singles and doubles) also obtained a quota for Tokyo 2020. She never gave up despite losing her right leg and today is among the best in the Americas. “Peru did a great job of inclusion that could be imitated by other countries,” she said.



The Para athlete had previously obtained one victory and two losses. Therefore, the Peruvian Para badminton player Jesús Salvá knew that this was his chance to claim the bronze medal in the SS6 category, and he did not blow it.

In a tight match filled with emotions at the Sports Center 3 of the National Sports Village (VIDENA), located in the San Luis district, the Peruvian beat the Canadian Wyatt Lightfoot by 21-14, 14-21 and 21-9 after a 40-minute game.

Salvá even had to recover from a hit in his arm, but the crowd’s support got him to finish off the game. After his victory, he told Lima 2019 he was thrilled with his victory. He considered it a rematch since he had already faced Lightfoot in the quarterfinals of the last Pan Am Para Badminton Championships. “I did it,” stressed the Para athlete, letting go of all the emotion he had kept inside.

“There’s always the pressure that the victory may slip away (from your hands), but luckily I managed to get overcome this feeling and I won,” added Jesús, when talking about the sensations that he went through when his opponent evened the game 1-1.


He also looked happy and grateful for the support he received from the fans during this decisive match and pointed out that he needs to train hard to obtain a ticket to the Tokyo 2020 Paralympic Games.

“I want to be there, and I will be there,” concluded Jesús, another outstanding Peruvian Para athlete who added one more medal for Peru in the medal table of the Lima 2019 Parapan American Games.

On the other side, early on in the morning, our compatriot Pablo Cueto put in his best effort to claim the bronze medal in the SL4 category, with the support of the best fanbase in the world, who did not stop cheering on him from the stands of the Sports Center 3 at the VIDENA and chanting “Peru, Peru, Peru”. Unfortunately, he ended up losing 21-6 and 21-4 after a 17-minute game. 



Liduvina and Nicolas are just two examples of the great social legacy that the Lima 2019 Volunteer Program will leave for Peru thanks to the commitment and the time all volunteers dedicated, so that the Pan American and Parapan American Games are a success in our country and obtain recognition from all countries.

Liduvina Sanchez is 62 years old and decided to devote her life to Para swimming when she was 58. Despite of the short training time, she has obtained several achievements. This year she traveled to Brazil to participate in the International Lottery Open Caixa 2019 and brought three bronze medals home.

Her life changed almost completely. She used to work at the Supreme Council of Military Justice, but after being ceased in her job due to its permanent impairment, she transformed Para swimming into her passion, and now she dedicates her time to train every day since she is part of the National Paralympic Association.

There is nothing impossible for Liduvina. When she was one year old, she was infected with polio, but she has always tried to live a normal life thanks to the support of her parents.

When she heard about the Lima 2019 Volunteer Program, she did not hesitate for one minute to participate and split her time between swimming practices and volunteering. “So far, this has been a beautiful experience. I’ve worked in different areas, with an excellent group of partners, and I’ve also interacted with all medalists. That’s something I never thought that would happen,” said Liduvina very excited.

She is happy to have been part of the Lima 2019 group of volunteers and for the gestures of gratitude of all athletes, who will return to their countries with the best impression of Peru thanks to the volunteers.


Nicolas Meza is 31 years old and, for him, to use crutches is not a problem when performing several activities since he helps his father in a family business. He also speaks multiple languages and he likes giving classes.

Nevertheless, while being part of the Lima 2019 Volunteer Program, he found out that he wants to become a Para athlete, so once the Parapan American Games finish, he will dedicate his time to practice Para badminton and Para swimming. For sure, we are anticipating hearing his name on the news and his achievements for our country.

Being a volunteer made him proud since he learned a lot and performed different duties on the court, stands, athlete areas, press zone, etc.

“I’m proud of assisting these Games and that Peru hosted such a large sporting that promotes sport values in our society. It has been an honor. I’m very thankful for this opportunity” mentioned the young volunteer.

He also recommended all people with an impairment to move forward because there is nothing they cannot do. Everything is up to us and to our faith in God and our families.

The Lima 2019 volunteers are people from Peru and abroad. They represent the social legacy that the Pan American and Parapan American Games leave for Peru and allow people to be prepared for both national and international future events.


The contribution of the volunteers was essential for the Lima 2019 Pan American Games success and was widely recognized by Panam Sports (Pan American Sport Organization).

Angela Morales, head of the Lima 2019 Volunteer Program, revealed that 5000 volunteers participated in the Parapan American Games in different sport venues and operative roles.

It should be noted that a total of 104 people with an impairment were part of the Lima 2019 Volunteer Program during the Pan American Games (50 women and 54 men), while 79 people with some sort of impairment participated in the Parapan American Games (45 women and 34 men), making a total of 183.

She specified that a total of 11,900 volunteers took part in the Pan American Games. Around 85% of them were young people between 18 and 25 years old, and 60% were women. This numbers also show the contribution that the Lima 2019 Volunteer Program has left to our country.

Morales said 630 volunteers between 16 and 17 years old were part of the program and fulfilled their roles successfully. Meanwhile, about 480 volunteers came from different parts of the world such as Germany, United States, Brazil, Argentina, Japan, etc.

It is also worth mentioning that approximately 600 participants were senior citizen, who gave all their time and humble disposition to assist these Games.




The Peruvian Para badminton delegation, represented by Pedro Pablo de Vinatea, seeks the gold medal on the penultimate day of competition against the Brazilian Leonardo Zuffo at the Lima 2019 Parapan American Games.

People who want to enjoy the Lima 2019 Ambassador’s performance against the Brazilian Zuffo, must attend the Sports Center 3 of the National Sports Village (VIDENA) at 15:00. Also, from 9:00, Peruvians Jesús Salvá and Pablo Cueto will compete for the bronze against their Canadian counterparts.

There will also be other competitions; the final of wheelchair basketball between the United States and Canada will take place in the VIDENA Sports Center 1 at 17:00. Colombia and Argentina will compete for the bronze at 14:30 in men’s competition.

The final of football 7-a-side between Argentina and Brazil will take place in the Villa María del Triunfo Sports Center at 12:00. United States and Venezuela will compete for the bronze medal at 09:00.

The finals of goalball between United States and Brazil, in men’s and women’s category, will be held in the Miguel Grau Coliseum at 16:30.

Para swimming finals in 50m backstroke, 4x100m relay, 200m individual medley, among other categories, will take place in the VIDENA Aquatic Center at 09:00. The Peruvian Rodrigo Santillán will be one of the competitors.

The most outstanding Para weightlifters of the Americas will compete in the finals of 88 kg, 97 kg, 61 kg, -107 kg, +107 kg and -80 kg categories at the VIDENA Sports Center 1.

Likewise, the second day of Para taekwondo will take place starting at 09:00 and the qualified Para athletes will compete for the gold, silver and bronze medals in the K44 -75 kg, K44 +75 kg, among other categories in the final stretch of the second session, which starts at 15:00. Peruvians José Navarro and Shiroy Rentería will compete for the medals.

Finally, boccia competitions will also take place; gold medals will be defined in the individual BC4, BC3, among other categories during the first session.




Motivated by the support of Peruvian fans, the young national promise of Para sports, Rodrigo Santillán, took the sixth place in the hard-fought men’s 50m freestyle Para swimming final.  

The 14-year-old Para athlete clocked 1:15.61. Brazil won the gold medal with Gabriel Dos Santos, who clocked 57:88. Chilean Alberto Abarza and Brazilian Bruno Becker took the silver and bronze medals, respectively.  

However, Santillán seeks to prove himself tomorrow in the 100m freestyle final. He wants to seal his participation in the Parapan American Games with a medal, as well as beat his personal best of 1:13. 

On the other hand, although he has not obtained a place on the podium, the young Para athlete feels excited as the times he has clocked so far have ensured his participation in two important international competitions. Rodrigo Santillán delivers a great performance in Para swimming. 

“I didn’t think I'd make it to finals with the best of the Americas. Now my plans are for London 2019 World Para Swimming Championships, which will take place in a few weeks, and Tokyo 2020,” he said enthusiastically.  

On the other hand, his coach Fernando Cuadros says that the young Para swimmer has a promising future ahead. Lima 2019 is a great experience for him and will significantly contribute to his performance in future world championships,” he stressed.    

This way, the young Peruvian representative will seek to close his participation in the most important sporting event of the Americas with his best performance and lay the foundations to participate in two major international events, looking to immortalize his name and bring glory to his country.