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Lima 2019 awarded over 1500 medalists throughout the 11 days of the largest multi-sports event in the continent. We still get a feeling of nostalgia when we remember the best Parapan American Games in history, in which spectators witnessed the high competition level of the great stars and new talents in the Americas. 

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The best Para athletes are listed below:

1.    Omara Durand (Cuba) Para athletics T12

The fastest woman of the Paralympic movement made history at Lima 2019 after winning three gold medals at the Parapan American Games for the third time in a row. The Cuban athlete earned the victory in 100, 200 and 400 m. Besides, she broke the Parapan American record in 400 and 200 m events (she even did it twice in the latter).

2.    Petrúcio Ferreira (Brazil) Para athletics T47

The Brazilian Para athlete arrived at Lima with two world records in 100 and 200 m, and he did not disappoint at all. He claimed the gold in 100 and 400 m and a silver in mixed relay, repeating his success of Toronto 2015. In the 100 m, he even surprised us all by setting two new records on the same day.

3.    Daniel Dias (Brazil) Para swimming S5

The best Para swimmer of all times took home six gold medals at Lima 2019. These new victories added up to the total of 33 golds he has obtained along his four Parapan American Games finals. So far, Dias has won 77 gold medals in his career, including 14 Paralympic medals and 30 world titles. He is, for sure, a true sport legend.

4.    Gustavo Fernández (Argentina) wheelchair tennis

The best wheelchair tennis player of the world circuit obtained his third consecutive gold medal in the Games and his second gold in doubles. This way, “Gusti” finished the year on a high note, as he arrived in Lima as the champion of three Grand Slam tournaments: the 2019 Australian Open, Roland Garros and Wimbledon. What a legend!

5.    José de Jesús Castillo (Mexico) Para powerlifting

The best Para powerlifter of the Americas rose to the top at Lima 2019 after winning the gold in the -107 kg weight class, his fourth consecutive title in the Games. “Chuy” has now a secure a spot among the top Para powerlifters in this discipline.

6.    Amalia Pérez (Mexico) Para powerlifting

She snatched her fourth gold medal at the Parapan American Games in the -55 kg weight class, breaking the Parapan American record. The Mexican is also a five-time Paralympic medalist.

7.    Yanina Martínez (Argentina) Para athletics T36

She repeated her success of Toronto 2015, by winning the gold in both 100 and 200 m in Lima. Her next challenge is to defend the 100 m title she claimed at the Rio 2016 Paralympic Games.

8.    Sara Vargas (Colombia) Para swimming S6

The new Para swimming talent of our continent earned four golds and one silver at just 12 years old in her first major event ever. Also, she broke five Parapan American records, becoming one of the best Para athletes in the Americas.

9.    Phelipe Melo (Brazil) Para swimming S10

He crowned himself as the Para athlete with the most medals at Lima 2019, with seven golds and one bronze.
 So far, he has collected 22 medals in three Parapan American Games.

10.  Nelson Crispín (Colombia) Para swimming S6

He broke his own record by taking home five golds, one silver and one bronze, surpassing the number of medals achieved in Toronto (three golds, two silvers and one bronze medal). What is more, he broke the 100 m breaststroke world record.

11.  Carlos Serrano (Colombia) Para swimming S7

At Lima 2019, he surpassed his Toronto 2015 achievements with seven medals (five golds, one silver and one bronze), thus breaking five Parapan American records.
 His next challenge is to go beyond the three Paralympic medals he obtained at Río 2016 (one, gold, one silver and one bronze).

12.  Naomí Somellera (Mexico) Para swimming S7

At age 20, she showed us all she is at the top of her game, by collecting six gold medals at Lima 2019.
 This way, she surpassed her Toronto 2015 performance, where she picked up two medals.

13.  Alberto Abarza (Chile) Para swimming S2

The Chilean flag-bearer claimed three golds and two silvers, setting the Parapan American record in four events.

14.  Wimana Stewart (Trinidad and Tobago) Para athletics F43

She snatched two gold medals, breaking the Parapan American and world record in discus throw, as well as the Parapan American record in javelin throw twice.

15.  Matías Pino (Chile) Wheelchair tennis TT6

He claimed two Parapan American titles and helped his country achieve its best performance in the Games.

16.  Clara Brown (United States) Para cycling C1-C3

She won three golds (one on track and two on road) and one bronze in track cycling, thus breaking three Parapan American records.

17.  Fabricio Barros (Brazil) Para athletics T12

To everyone’s surprise, he earned the victory in the 100 m event, defeating favorites such as Noah Malone from the USA and Leinier Savón from Cuba. Besides, he broke the 100 m Parapan American record in his category with a time of 10.97.

18.  Nicholas Bennett (Canada) Para swimming S14

At age 15, he is the new Canadian Paralympic star, and he made it clear to everyone by taking three gold medals and one silver in Lima 2019. He is one of the most well-rounded Para swimmers in the continent, as he has won medals in all four styles.

19.  Thiago Paulino (Brazil) Para athletics F57

He broke the world and Parapan American shot put record all in one day, collecting an epic gold medal for his country.

These five Para athletes and teams qualified for the Tokyo 2020 Paralympic Games

The Lima 2019 Parapan American Games ended with the closing ceremony. The best Para athletes in the Americas arrived in the capital city of Peru, did their best and showed their passion and dedication on the field of play. However, only a few achieved the coveted qualification for the next edition of the Paralympic Games, to be held in the Land of the Rising Sun. Here we will tell you more about them!



The Parapan American Games are in their final stage and this long weekend, which starts on August 29, will be the best chance to enjoy the last days of the event that has left a permanent mark in Peru’s sports history.

The experience of watching the competitions will, of course, be a win-win: our Para athletes will have the warm support of the public, while the public will be filled with motivation and pride when they see them triumph.

Guide for the Long Weekend

There are several Para sports that you can experience as a family, inside the impressive competition venues that, after the Games, will remain as a legacy for all Peruvians.

The competitions include the women’s wheelchair basketball semifinals, which will take place tomorrow with Canada versus Brazil and USA versus Argentina, in Sports Center 1 of VIDENA, starting at 18:30.

The boccia competition will take place during the morning session in the Villa El Salvador Sports Center, between 09:00 and 15:00. The Peruvian team will be competing thanks to Dean Tierry Acosta, Carlos Cano, María Cecilia Pancca and Javier Soto.

Boccia—an adaptation of the ancient Italian game ‘bocce’, played since the times of the Roman Empire—is just as much a sports event as it is a cultural one. Take part in these competitions from Thursday, August 29, to Sunday, September 1.

During the weekend, a good option is to cheer on Peruvian representative and flagbearer, Angélica Espinoza, in Para taekwondo (Miguel Grau Coliseum, Callao). The women’s and men’s competition, as well as the qualifiers, will take place this Friday and Saturday from 09:00 to 13:00. The medals will be decided on Friday and Saturday, starting at 15:00 until 20:00.

Another interesting option is wheelchair tennis. The defining matches will be contested starting tomorrow at Club Lawn Tennis de la Exposición, with the participation of the best tennis players in the world, such as Argentinian Gustavo Fernández. The winners will be decided between tomorrow and Friday, the final day of this Para sport.

Peruvian Support

Other Peruvians who need our support are Dunia Felices, Rodrigo Santillán and Harrison Linares, who will compete in Para swimming (VIDENA) until August 31, as well as the well-known and beloved Lima 2019 ambassadors, Pedro Pablo Vinatea and Pilar Jáuregui, who will compete in Para badminton (VIDENA) and will fight for the gold from August 29 to September 1. The competitions will take place in Sports Center 3 of VIDENA, with a good chance that our Para athletes will make it to the podium.

Another good option is goalball (Miguel Grau Coliseum, Callao), the only sport created specifically for people with a visual impairment. Support our fellow Peruvians until Saturday during two daily sessions (10:00 to 14:00 and 15:00 to 20:00). The ranking will be determined in the men’s semifinals, starting tomorrow.

Buy Your Tickets

Tickets for Lima 2019 Parapan American Games competitions can be purchased at the points of sale located in the Jockey Plaza shopping center in Santiago de Surco and Metro and Wong supermarkets in the districts of Chorrillos, Independencia, La Molina, Lima, Miraflores, San Borja, San Isidro, San Juan de Miraflores, San Miguel and Surco. 

You can also get your tickets on the Lima 2019 website www.lima2019.pe or Teleticket website https://teleticket.com.pe/lima2019.

Tickets start at PEN 10 and there will be a 50% discount for people under the age of 18 and over the age of 60, as well as people with an impairment.

Additionally, if you live in one of the districts where a Lima 2019 Parapan American Games sports venue is located, you can purchase general tickets for the various competitions for only PEN 5.

All you have to do is show your DNI at the ticket booths of the venues in Callao, Villa El Salvador, Villa María del Triunfo, San Luis, San Miguel, Santiago de Surco and Jesús María.



Gustavo Fernández’s dreams were always related to tennis, even from a very young age in his hometown Río Tercero (Córdoba). At age 6, when he barely understood that a spinal stroke caused him to be paralyzed from the waist down, he did not hesitate to challenge able-bodied players while in his wheelchair. He was not doing well, but adversity forged his competitive character. 

Today, at age 25, he is considered the best wheelchair tennis player in the world. He arrived at Lima 2019 to claim his fourth consecutive gold and qualify for Tokyo 2020. In fact, “Gusti” is having his best season in the world circuit after consecutively winning the Grand Slam tournaments Australian Open, Roland Garros and Wimbledon. 

“This has been an unforgettable year. I’m enjoying the moment but also pushing myself to keep winning more tournaments. Living my passion for tennis makes me very happy. I was lucky I found people who is by my side in this challenging circuit and keep me determined,” said “Gusti” Fernández in an interview for Lima 2019. 

This morning, the current Parapan American champion made it to the individual semifinals, after defeating Brazilian Gustavo Carneiro 6-0 at the Club Lawn Tennis de la Exposición. This Wednesday, he will compete to qualify for the finals. 

“Winning gold at the Paralympic Games has always been one of my biggest dreams, and Lima 2019 is a step closer to achieve it. I will keep doing my best to take home more medals. Being recognized as just another tennis player is something that already makes me proud, and that's invaluable,” said Fernández. 


To see this outstanding wheelchair tennis player in action, get your tickets with prices starting at PEN 10. There will be a 50% discount for children under 18, senior citizens and people with an impairment. Tickets are available only in the ticket booths located off of the main entrance at Lawn Tennis (Av. 28 de julio) and in the 11 Teleticket points of sale. 

Tickets can be also purchased online through lima2019.pe/tickets, where you will also find the detailed competition schedules. In the case of e-tickets, printing will no longer be necessary since customers can show their e-ticket from their mobile phones at the entrance of the sports venue. 

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The Peruvian players dominated the wheelchair tennis session today.. Apart from Ysabelino Apaza and Jesús Mayhua’s victories in men’s singles, Peru snatched another medal thanks to María Castillo. The wheelchair tennis player won the first round of the competition, after beating the Chilean Sofía Fuentes by far.

Cheered by a great number of fans at the central stadium of the Club Lawn Tennis, the Para athlete from Cajamarca came back from 4-1 down in the first half and ended up winning the last two sets. Castillo will try to move to the semifinals tomorrow against the USA’s Dana Mathewson, the third favorite to win in the tournament.

“It was exciting because I managed to come back with the support of the fans. Also, the pride of playing home helped me not to give up that easily and I was able to show off all my experience on the court (19 years). My goal was to advance to the next round and to keep improving, especially because we're facing off the best Para athletes in the world,” said María Castillo.

Back to the competitions, Apaza will go up against Alexander Cataldo in the second round, while Mayhua will compete against the Costa Rican José Pablo Gil. Tomorrow, the second competition day will also make the Lawn Tennis vibrate with excitement.


If you want to see these amazing Para tennis players in action, you can get your tickets starting at PEN 10.00. Additionally, there will be a 50% discount for children under 18, senior citizens and people with an impairment. Tickets can only be purchased at the Box Offices in the main entrance of the Lawn Tennis(Avenida 28 de Julio) and at any of the 11 authorized ticket centers across the city of Lima.

You can also get them online through the websitelima2019.pe/tickets, where you will also find the detailed competition schedule. As for the e-tickets, printing will no longer be necessary since customers can show their e-ticket from their mobile phones at the entrance of the sports venue.

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Peruvian athlete Ysabelino Apaza defeated Erick Deras from El Salvador 2 sets to 0 in an exciting wheelchair tennis match held at the Lawn Tennis Club.

This was Peru’s first victory at the Lima 2019 Parapan American Games, whose Opening Ceremony was held last night at the National Stadium. Then, Jesús Mayhua from Peru obtained its second victory in wheelchair tennis.

The Peruvian athlete beat Jonathan Tremblay from Canada 2-1 in a tough match (6-4, 4-6 and 6-2) during almost two hours of play.

Today, Peru will also compete against Chile and the United States in wheelchair tennis.

The competition schedule also includes the following matches: Mexico vs. Canada, Mexico vs. Colombia, Brazil vs. Argentina, Ecuador vs. Colombia, Guatemala vs. El Salvador, Colombia vs. Brazil, Cuba vs. Venezuela and the United States vs. Venezuela.

At the Parapan American Games, 14 countries and 44 athletes will participate in wheelchair tennis events.




Gustavo Fernández represents perseverance in sport, not only for those who saw him grow up in the Argentinian city of Río Tercero, province of Córdoba, but also for those who applaud his skills as a wheelchair tennis player. 

In 2017, in Córdoba, he obtained the highest award in an integrated awards ceremony with athletes without an impairment and was applauded by David Nalbandián, a great tennis player native of this area.Fernández will shine with his own light at the Lawn Tennis de la Exposición Club starting on August 24. To watch the best Para athletes, buy your tickets at lima2019.pe/tickets or at the authorized points of sale. 

“What we see in this discipline means progress in society to value athletes as they are. It is a loving caress for the soul. I don’t even realize how many hours I train every day, but you don’t have to complain about the effort if you love what you do. Don't ever avoid sacrifice,” said Fernandez, at the medal ceremony. 

He will come to Lima 2019 to defend his title of two-time Parapan American champion. He won two gold medals in men’s singles and doubles at Toronto 2015, added to his gold medal in singles at Guadalajara 2011. The current number one of the ITF ranking (International Tennis Federation) has won 23 medals. 

If that were not enough, Fernández has won the last three Grand Slams (ITF great events): the Australian Open, Roland-Garros and Wimbledon. He added these big titles to the ones he won in 2016 (Roland-Garros) and 2017 (Australian Open).  

There are still major challenges for 25-year-old Fernández, such as the gold medal in the Tokyo 2020 Games.In Lima, he will give his best and seek his qualification to the next year’s Paralympic Games. If he managed to overcome the spinal cord stroke that left him unable to move his legs, when he was only a year and a half old, then he must able to reach the top of the sports world. He is a champion in life. 


The Parapan American Games will gather 1890 Para athletes from 33 countries, participating in 17 sports and 18 disciplines. Competitions will take place from August 23 to September 1, 2019. Additionally, 13 Para sports will be qualifiers for the Tokyo 2020 Paralympic Games. 

Wheelchair tennis events will take place from August 24 to 30, at Lawn Tennis de la Exposición Club courts. The competitions will be held in men’s and women’s singles, men’s and women’s doubles, and quad singles and doubles, a category adapted for wheelchair tennis athletes with quadriplegia.