These sports you will see at the Lima 2019 Parapan American Games

These sports you will see at the Lima 2019 Parapan American Games

We already reviewed the first ten Parapan American sports. This time, we’ll tell you more about the last eight Para sports

We know you were waiting for this press release! It’s time to show you the following eight sports that will be included in the Lima 2019 Parapan American Games. Some sports competitions have already started! So don’t waste time, learn all about them and get your tickets today.

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1. Para badminton

Para badminton will make its debut in the Parapan American Games and will be introduced for the first time as an official Paralympic sport at Tokyo 2020. Fifty-two Para badminton players will compete for the eight gold medals.

This Para sport was adapted for people with a physical impairment, with or without prosthesis, and by wheelchair users. The only modification in the rules is that wheelchair athletes play on half-court.


Para badminton, a Lima 2019 Parapan American sport


2. Para table tennis

The Parapan American Games started with competitions of this Para sport. There are 127 Para table tennis players, who will compete from August 22 to 27 to get 27 gold medals.

As other sports, Para table tennis is divided by classifications: the first ten, include athletes with a physical impairment or cerebral palsy. Athletes in sport class 10 have the least severe impairments. Players in sport classes 1-5 compete in wheelchairs, while athletes in classes 6-10 compete in a standing position. Athletes with an intellectual impairment compete in Para sport class 11.

3. Football 5-a-side

Football 5-a-side is known because it develops experts in controlling the ball. Their ability is so, that sometimes, people doubt their impairment. The sport focuses not only on passing and much more on dribbling techniques.

Each team has four players with severe visual impairment (very low visual acuity) in the field helped by three people: a sighted or partially sighted goalkeeper (the fifth on-field teammate), a coach and another guide (both off field). The three sighted guides give instructions to the other four players with an impairment.


Football 5-a-side, a Lima 2019 Parapan American sport


4. Football 7-a-side

In Football 7-a-side, the skills of Para athletes and some changes from conventional football ensure a fast-paced game. This Para sport is practiced by people with physical impairment, specifically with cerebral palsy. The game follows FIFA rules with just a few exceptions.

One of the most remarkable exceptions is that there is no “off-side” rule, and under-arm and one-arm throw-ins are accepted for players who are physically unable of completing the traditional overhead throw-in. A match lasts 60 minutes and is divided into two 30-minutes halves.

5. Shooting para sport

Shooting Para sport is one of the three sports that will make their debut at the Parapan American Games. Athletes with physical impairment will participate showing their great precision. Athletes can compete in both rifle and pistol events and in different positions. In pistol events, athletes compete either from a standing position or from a chair. For some classification events, a shooting stand is used to stabilize the weapon.

The venue will be the Las Palmas Air Base in which 54 Para shooters will compete from August 24 to 27 to claim one of the eight gold medals.


Shooting Para sport will be included in the Lima 2019 Parapan American Games


6. Wheelchair Rugby

Wheelchair rugby is part of the Parapan American program for the second consecutive time and takes place at the VIDENA Sports Center 1. Speed, adrenaline and strategy are the main characteristics of wheelchair rugby. The aim is to score goals touching the opposing team’s goal line with two wheels while in possession of the ball.

A total of 72 Para rugby players will compete for gold and will enter the court to give their best.

7. Boccia

The Villa El Salvador Sports Center will be the venue for boccia. The goal is to propel six blue or red balls as close as possible to a white target ball. The 54 Para athletes, who will take part in the Lima 2019, can throw the ball with the hand, foot or head (using devices) according to their locomotor skills.


Boccia, a Lima 2019 Parapan American sport


8. Wheelchair tennis

Forty-four Para tennis players will compete for six gold medals at Lawn Tennis de la Exposición Club courts. Wheelchair tennis is a Para sport where physical endurance is combined with mental strength. It is governed by the same rules as conventional tennis. However, two bounces are allowed inside or outside of the court.

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